Movement Source Review

Movement Source Review

Movement Source 2012 Movement Source

Movement Source new in 2010 and for 2011 gets new graphics! The ski is 135 x 94 x 121 whatever length you take. The wide tip is not just about the width it cambers upwards along way down the ski, this gives great float off piste and cuts through rough snow and crud. The side cut gives this ski fantastic carving ability on all types of snow and there is enough tail rise for switch skiing and jump landing.


Could this be the one quiver ski we all dream about?

The tested skis were 185cm long, indicated carve radius of only 19 meters, on steep, knee deep, off piste runs this is perfect for great carves. We found them incredibly easy to turn off piste as the tip floated very quickly and the weight at only 1.75 kg really does make the skis very agile.

While testing, I was stopped by a very mature Swiss Ski Instructor who wanted to know everything about these skis, he could not believe that a fat ski could carve on piste and then drop over the edge and take on some powder moguls on a 40 degree pitch followed by fresh tracks down a tight chute.

After about 20 minutes talking he was a definitely getting a pair for next season.


So Off Piste, super easy to ski off piste, you make the choice what you want to do, not the ski, short turns long turns straight run! Movement classify them as 70% off piste however they handle deep snow as if they were 100% powder ski.

They cut through crud and soft snow with ease due to the width and length of the tip.

Score 9 out of 10 

So what about other snow conditions?



Again this ski really does what you want it to I found that short turns through the moguls worked, taking a pretty straight line with lots of small turns is so easy as the ski is incredibly quick edge to edge feels more like my old 68cm under foot skis.

Score 8 out of 10


Ice? And Hard Snow

Ice! Well one day we were out early and a small section of red run which was pretty step for a red, was littered with fallen skiers and boarders with most people just side slipping because they could not get edge hold on the icy piste, the Sources were still short swinging down with edge grip and hold. Brandon Snowshepherd was on the Super Turbo’s so he just straighted it! On Hard snow they are a dream, they cut in and hold an edge really well, and the short radius makes them good fun as well.

Score 8 out 10


On Piste

Well where do I start? As said above Movement say 70% off 30% On but the Source really does ski like a good piste ski should. They carve like crazy with huge amounts of grip, the angulation you can get on these skis is extreme and if you fancy a nice easy cruise at the end of the day they are a dream at slower speeds as well.

One thing we did hear is that the Source was a bit twitchy at higher speeds, well put to the test we pushed them up to 70 mph on piste and no problems other than been told off by some instructors for skiing to fast .

Score 9 out of 10


Well we think the above information speaks for itself, if you have not guessed by now we really do love this ski, in fact I have to admit these are my first choice ski at the moment.

When it comes to a one quiver ski to handle everything there are a few choices out there however we feel the Movement Source is a serious contender for the title. The radius quoted of 19 m for the 185 can be shortened to about 15 m by applying more pressure to the front of the ski as we have mentioned above these skis really do work for you.

One thing worth a special mention is ski length choice, our opinion is that these skis ski shorter so we would say go one length up from normal.

Price Guide £529 ski only Product Page new price now £499


Widths 135 x 94 x 121 cm

Size     169, 177, 185, 193 cm

Weight 1.55, 1.65, 1.75, 1.85 kg

Radius 17,   18,   19,   20 metres