Whitedot One Review

Whitedot One Review

Whitedot The One 2012 review,

Classic park come piste ski, we skied it more since last year and really like this ski for messing around in the park, on piste and variable off piste conditions.

The Whitedot One is not a off piste ski really but it is a good all mountain ski and if like many peoiple you are 70% of your time on piste, or pulling tricks in the park then the One is a really good choice.

The one handles icy pistes and hard snow very well, actually much better than we thought it would, and we are now seeing a few instructors using the Ones when the conditions are a little soft on piste.

Classic twin tip, speak to us about mounting if your spending more time in the park than on piste.


The Whitedot One will be around for a while, new graphics for 2013 but essentially the same and the ski is unchanged in design.