Movement Buzz 2012 2013

Movement Buzz 2012 2013

Movement Buzz new replacement for the Sluff .


The Movement Buzz is being launched for 2012 2013, the Sluff has been dropped and the newer profile tip rocker, flat tail ski The Buzz with 99m underfoot is the replacement.

Well after a day on them WHY other than for lighter riders, do not get us wrong we love Movement Skis but this has confused us a little.

The Buzz skis really well across the whole mountain does everything its supposed to do but when you ski them against the Trust like we doing you would just pick up he Trust every morning and leave the Buzz in the rack. Where they come into their own would be for touring te 99mm underfot is a little more suited and weight wise they are lighter than the old Sluffs

The Movement Trust is a game changer ski in our opinion one of the best skis on the market today, the Buzz feels like a detuned version thinner and OK for lighter riders under 70 kg might be ok, but other than that most people are going to go for the Trust in a 177.

Sorry Movement but we have to say it like we see it, there is also a ladies version of the Buzz the Believe which again, we can not get our heads round, ladies get the Buzz if your really light weight, yes but if you’re an aggressive off piste charging skier then the shorter Trust is just fine and will reward more than the Buzz or the Believe skis.

With ladies in mind then the Tattoo is just great all mountain ski very capable of  all off piste routes and on piste carving at high speed, if you an advanced skier then this is one of the best you can get.

So back to the Buzz, actually just read the Movement Trust review/test then think slightly softer thinner detuned version and you will understand what we mean, its not that we do not like this ski its just that we can not understand why is it in the range, when the Trust is such a great ski and is good for intermediates wanting to progress as well as experts wanting an all mountain, off piste on piste super charger.  

After a little more thought why have Movement not done a 169 Trust and made it a little softer for light riders????