Movement Flyswatter 2012 2013

Movement Flyswatter 185 2013


The Movement Flyswatter only comes in 185 it’s an off piste freestyle ski, with extreme tip and tail rocker but positive camber under foot, the Flyswatters impressive size 150x125x145 makes it a really fun ski with a huge side cut that results in a turn radius of only 17m. This is our Snowshepherd seasonnaires ski of choice for his 2012 season so has been skied in every type of condition. We love the flyswatter why in a word, fun, they are super good off piste, have incredibly amounts of pop, and are believe it or not a possible one quiver ski

Off piste:

This season we had two weeks testing a week in La Tania (3 Valleys France) and a week in St Foy (France) we had a mix of powder, crud, hard/ice and very soft spring snow (well slush) and corn. The Flyswatter loves powder the float is immediate, turn initiation is very easy and the surf come smear turns are a joy. When the going gets chopped up or heavy the Flyswatter copes easily with it.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

We skied lots of this after the first snow fall, and the Flyswatter is a perfect broken up powder ski they just float over it and make it very easy, speed wise the Flyswatter is not a Trust or a Super Turbo, our Snowshepherd is regularly doing 60mph off piste on these and says they are great.  

On Piste:

Well what can we say, long turns short turns, messing around switch and pulling 360’s off tiny bumps, the Flyswatter is in its element, then pop into the park and really the Flyswatter loves it, landing switch is easy and the extra pop of a freestyle ski makes pulling jumps great fun.


Early morning was hard, for the majority of our 2 weeks, the Flyswatter like other super fat skis is not at its best, however hard snow and compacted snow is a joy on the Flyswatters. Very icy conditions means keeping your weight very central and trusting the short edge contact you have, you just need to remember they are not a icy piste ski and ski accordingly.


Due to the very warm conditions, in the afternoons St Foy was a slush paradise most people were heading off the slopes at 3.30pm we stayed out on the Flyswatters and just had a ball, our friend Louise brought her big camera out and we got some great shots. The snow varied so much but the Flyswatters just lapped it up, quite often I was able to bank the ski right over drag my inside hand on the snow and all the while was humming “everybody gone surfing” by the beech boys! 


OK so why are we gushing over a par of super fat skis with crazy rocker on the tip and tail, which to be fair when you leave outside a mountain restaurant or bar makes most people smile, most instructors turn their noses up and then the people in the know go yeah cool man. Well its all about how this ski performs, they are not for everyone, but if like us you love a ski that can kill powder, eat soft snow and slush, lad tricks and ski switch all day, after all skiing is about fun and the Flyswatters do fun with a capital F and U and N   

Video by Snowshepherd

Photos by our friend Louisa

On piste super soft snow late afternoon fun on the Flyswatters.