Movement Super Turbo 192 2012 2013

Movement Super Turbo 192 2012 2013

Movement Super Turbo 192.


The Movement Super Turbo has only been around for a couple f seasons, but is regarded by many ski designers and developers to be the bench mark for off piste rocker skis. Many others have tried to get a ski that performs like the Super Turbo but still can not quite get there. We tested the 202 a couple of seasons ago please see the full test here.

The 192 skis very much like the 202 its just a little bit more nibble underfoot and reacts quicker especially in trees and tight areas.

Off piste:

This season we had two weeks testing a week in La Tania (3 Valleys France) and a week in St Foy (France) we had a mix of powder, crud, hard/ice and very soft spring snow (well slush) and corn. The Super Turbo off piste is in its element, super quick float turning is easy and even in soft afternoon warm conditions they just float over it, making you smile and have a super time when everyone else is struggling.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

We skied lots of this after the first snow fall, and the Super Turbo 192  again was brilliant they just float over it and make it so easy, the other thing I noticed is that the shorter length means you can get more extreme edge angles on broken snow.

The Super Turbo would be first choice for off piste days and for a couple of days after a good dump.

On Piste:

The slightly shorter length helps greatly on piste, they are very manageable, the only however would be is that you need to read the snow in front of you a little more, for example shaded areas where it maybe a little icy, take care after all this is an off piste ski not an all mountain ski.


Early morning was hard, for the majority of our 2 weeks, and to be fair the Super Turbo does not love ice, it will take it if your skiing is up to it but you have to be super confident on your edge angles. .


Due to the very warm conditions, in the afternoons St Foy was a slush paradise most people were heading off the slopes at 3.30pm, however the Super Turbo handles it really well especially off piste soft/slush the extra float helps and the stiffness, not quite as good as the Trust or the Flyswatter in thee conditions but still really good fun .  


The Super Turbo as said before is an off piste big mountain ski that you can use on piste, when it comes to steep slopes with deep powder this would always be at the top of our list. 

Video by Snowshepherd

Photos by our friend Louisa


left to right, Jam ER, Buzz, Super Turbo, Trust, Flyswatter, Tattoo