Movement Chill Out 2014 Ski Test


The Movement Chill Out replaces the Movement Source for 2014 season, the Source was a best seller so why have they changed it? 

Well Movement say they have made it more "Polyvalent" well we had to look this up to make sure what they were talking about! In theroy it means that the new Chill Out is even more all mountain than before and the Source was pretty dam good! We skied the Chill Out ocer a couple of weeks on our ski test and you can see some of the stuff we did below.

In terms of the Chillout its the same profile and size as the Source it does have a slightly bigger tip rise but not too much, we found this helped off piste but did not deter from its piste ability at all, in fact when I was testing I jumperd from the Lefer piste ski to the Chill Out quite a few times to see what was happening with this new ski and to be fair the Chill Out was very good when compared to a flat out piste ski.

So if your looking for an all mountain ski that can handle everything from piste to powder at good speed then the Chill Out would be a good choice.