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Tim Shepherd
14/11/2018 08:57


Hi Guys, I thought a follow up to your posts would be useful
Emanuele, the gloves you got back in 2016 have been improved, with a more breathable membrane, its a tricky balance getting a glove which is super tough high quality leather and super warm to be as breathable as a non membrane glove, we looked at taking the membrane out, but the vast majority of people wanted a membrane.

If the fingers were to small for you then just send back the gloves, they could well have been slightly out, after all the gloves you got were our very first delivery of that glove, and we did not check every single pair before they shipped.

As above we have improved the membrane on the latest gloves, happy to send you another pair to test out for us, just drop me a line on our email address

regards Tim Snowshepherd