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Emanuele Traietta
13/11/2018 16:56


In reply to Christopher Roome's review of Ski Guide Pro glove:
unfortunately I experienced the same huge problem you correctly described: the inside get damp by sweating, which is not only bothering but also making difficult to wear back the gloves once you have taken them off for a while. I never had such kind of problem with any other gloves I own and I do not suffer of "sweating hands" at all (I could even avoid magnesium when climbing). Another cons is related to fitting: fingers are in fact way too short compared to the palm, especially pinkie and forefinger, as noticeable even simply looking the pictures, resulting in bad accomodation of the fingers in the glove, uncomfortable wearing and reduced dexterity, getting even worse when got damp inside. All in all these gloves would be a great piece of equipment, thanks
to the very tough but supple leather and the bomb-proof construction. But the 2 huge problems, above mentioned, are making the gloves more efficient for snow shoveling than for skiing. And that's the way I use them.