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Stephen Hawkins
15/02/2014 09:06


Review of the Kinco 101HK Leather Ski Gloves

For the last 3 seasons I have worn the Kinco Leather Ski Gloves. They have been hard wearing, warm and great for skiing in. My Hestra and Dakine gloves, I don't even bother bringing on trips now.

The only slight negative for me with them was they can be a little too warm in the spring and the elasticated wrist means I have to put them inside my jacket and do up the Velcro on the wrist each time, so gloves on and off is not a fast operation, especially as I use Leki S series poles so have the wrist adapters to carry the little loop

Anyway the 101HK looked like it may be the perfect answer, less thick, more breathable backs and open wrists and indeed this proved to be true. In fact this is the perfect day to day ski glove

When I got them was amazed how soft the goat leather felt, much less industrial that the full leather ski glove and much softer. very nice fit on the hand with the fingers not being to long or short for me. Extremely comfy and flexible when brand new

Now I coat all my gloves in a thick layer of Grangers glove balm (like dubbin). Apart from darkening the glove, this makes it MUCH softer, more supple and water resistant

The short open wrist means this gloves is extremely quick and easy to pull off and on, in fact with the leki's I just leave the glove attached to the pole when I go for the Piste map etc. The cuff is the perfect length and goes over my jacket easily and leaves no gap. No drafts. Lining does NOT invert nor stick to fingers

I also noticed that when at speed (GPS said 40mph) there is a very slight airflow through the backs. Not cold and actually pleasant. At no point last week did my hands get sweaty or stick to the lining. This is an improvement to the full leather glove that can get too warm. We had a bluebird day of +6 degrees in fresh powder. I was very hot and had to remove several clothing layers, but hands stayed dry.

We also had a day of heavy snowfall, which was very wet at lower altitudes. Googles just filled with water and misted, everything was wet. Many of our party got cold hands as their normal ski gloves acted like sponges. The 101HK outer leather did wet (in fact it felt like chamois leather), but the Grangers did its stuff and NO water penetrated the glove and my hands stayed warm and dry. In fact the gloves dried out overnight easily (I have my own electrical boot heaters and once they are in I stick my gloves in the tops of the boots so the hot air rises through them) Gloves were back to normal next day

Highly recommended, the combination of the 101HK for normal days skiing and the Full leather Kinco's for those extreme cold days is a great one, but don't forget your Grangers Glove balm