Movement Jam ER 2012 2013

Movement Jam ER 2012 2013

Movement Jams with new Early Rise tip, 20cm of fresh, rubbish vis and keeping close to the piste to follow the markers, cos I had never skied this run before, bit of a whoops on an uphill bit!! but the new Jams for 2012 2013 do handle quick turns off piste very well.

Movement Jam ER with early rise tip 136 x 85x 117 mm


The Movement Jam has changed for 2012 2013, after many years of being one of the best piste skis around that can handle a bit of off piste, due to the wide tip (136) the newer style of rocker come early rise has been added.

Is it a rocker? Well no really it is what it says early rise, you still have the full contact of the skis edge on harder snow making the Jam a great on piste tool for all conditions.

We have skied the Jam before but never done a proper test here at Snowshepherd, why because we concentrate on off piste skis and the Jam from previous seasons was more piste orientated.

Off Piste

The Jam ER gave me a little bit of a surprise, the tips floated very quickly almost as quick as the Source and proved to be very capable in shorter off piste turns, larger turns are a little more limiting due to the turn radius but still more than adequate for most skiers. Deflection was not to bad helped I think by the stiffness of the Jam, I am obviously comparing closely with the Movement Source which has been my day to day ski for the last couple of seasons.

The Jam ER underfoot is 85mm which for many is still a reasonably fat ski one thing we did like was that in 20cm of fresh snow you still felt like you were “in” the powder rather than just floating over it which some of the wider skis do. No chance to test in really deep snow, however I would say that unless you want to be waist deep all the time then the limit for the Jam ER is around thigh deep powder. But hey I know some prefer this, after all I learnt to ski powder on 2m skinny skis and loved it.  

On Piste

Well I loved them super quick edge to edge, they carve very quickly as soon as you get a little bit of speed on, at slow speeds they need to be worked with a good technique to get the best out of them, and because of this I would not recommend them for early intermediate skiers.

I found them more tiring that the Movement Source on piste, but I am getting older and the Jams turn more than the Source, plus to be fair after thinking about it these are the narrowest skis I have been on in the last 4 seasons??

Variable off Piste

Better than the old Jam they cut through chopped up powder pretty well and for such a wide tip to waist ratio they do not get deflected that much.

Slush and heavy afternoon snow

Well if you have read some of the other reviews, you will know that we used the bigger skis in these conditions. The Jam’s were OK but due to the waist width they were pretty restricted  in what they could do especially when the warmer snow was well skied and getting bumpy, the Jams wanted to turn rather than blast through the bumps, however in say this I would rather have been on the Jams than what most other skiers were using and struggling like mad with the heavy snow.


The Jam ER is a classic all mountain ski, perfect for many European skiers who are skiing 1 to 2 weeks a season and only get the chance to wander off piste when conditions allow it, they are perfect for piste cruising, hard carving on any type of snow and with the early rise tip now offer better off piste ability than many other skis out there. If I was staying on piste all day then I would certainly pick up the Jam’s for this, Movement have in some ways now made the ski choice a little more difficult as the Jam is now a little more similar to the Movement Source, however I would still go with the Source as a one quiver do everything ski.