Movement Trust 2012 2013

Movement Trust 2012 2013

Movement Trust off piste charging ski with mind blowing performance.


The Movement Trust was introduced last year, we skied it but not as much as we would have liked, we tested the 186cm with its 141x108x129 and very early rise tip rocker. Stiff but not to stiff, flat tail and a turn radius of only 21m adds up to a ski that can handle just about anything really well. Plus the graphics with the Bear design got a huge amount of interest on the slopes, to the two ladies I shared a lift with in St Foy “no” its not an angry Spaniel!  

Off piste:

This season we had two weeks testing a week in La Tania (3 Valleys France) and a week in St Foy (France) we had a mix of powder, crud, hard/ice and very soft spring snow (well slush) and corn. The Trust off piste is a pure delight cuts and floats at the same time and is very easy to ski in powder and general off piste conditions. The thing I loved was that they turned really easily but then loved to straight line and feel super stable at speed, this is a pretty tall ask for skis of 21m turn radius.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

We skied lots of this after the first snow fall, and the Trust again excelled cutting through broken up lines in powder and just off piste the Trust would now be my first choice ski

The other thing I found was that for a stiffer ski the Trust is really forgiving making a few mistakes the Trusts just seem to get on with it and does not throw you off more like hang in there for the ride.

On Piste:

Last season we skied them on piste quite a bit and loved them, again they eat pistes fast GS and also tighter turns are a pure joy, why Movement say they are an off piste animal only is actually under selling this ski, slower turns on piste no problem.


Early morning was hard, for the majority of our 2 weeks, and out of all the skis we took with exception of the new movement Jam, then the Trust is the one I picked up most days, super good on ice and harder early morning refrozen snow. The flat tail really comes into its own on these types of days.


Due to the very warm conditions, in the afternoons St Foy was a slush paradise most people were heading off the slopes at 3.30pm, however the Trust just got even better in these conditions the float from the tip rocker and the width was perfect, one memory which will stay with me is, skiing the race track late in the afternoon it had been closed all day, down one side it was untouched corduroy slush and very soft, the Trust went through it and made it feel like skiing boot high powder.  


You might guess by now that the Trust is a firm favorite, I have used the Movement Source as my everyday ski for the last 3 seasons, this season they did not even get one run, if I was not testing then the Trust was my first choice everyday. Movement really has come up with a ski that is a game changer, is it for everyone? Well maybe no, if you are under 70kg then they will be hard work but other than that they get our number one spot this year.

Video by Snowshepherd

Photos by our friend Louisa