Movement LeFer 2014 Ski Test


The Movement LeFer is a pure piste ski that really does what its supposed to and then some, the first section of our Ski Test video below was on the Lefer. Its the first time I had been back on a pure piste ski for quite a few years and they really did make me smile. The edging is great and super good hold on any surface, in longer turns they really fly and the power from the tail can be very dramatic coming out of the turn.

The one thing I found was that trying to skid a turn on them on very steep slopes was difficult, but hey I am used to big off piste skis, but the extra grip of the Lefer really does give you the confidence to charge down the mountain.

The constuction of these skis is bomb proof, with super cool black graphics and metal tip protectors.

So as we say on the product page, if you want a piste ski for your quiver then look no further than the Lefer you will not be dissapointed.