Whitedot Preacher Carbonlite Ski Test

Whitedot Preacher Carbonlite Ski Test

The New Whitedot Preacher Carbonlite tests and reviews, keep checking back here for updates we will be posting soon about the Carbon series from Whitedot the most exciting ski to come to the market since the first Preacher!!

We rode the Whitedot Preacher Carbonlite most of last season and can say they are one of the best skis we have used for a long time, super good on piste, off piste good floar and very easy to use for a standard shaped ski, OK the Preacher maybe wide but its still a standard no rocker design, which makes them very safe and usable across the whole mountain.

Rather than bore people with loads of tech guff, check out the little video below, and also out Chamonix trip video to see the Carbonlites in action.

Our vote for these skis, goes with the best ski for fresh broken snow that you can get, maybe the best side piste ski, and great fun as well.

The carbon version has more pop and reward than the standard design, we feel.


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Checkout our 2013 2014 Ski Test video below