Movement Fly Swatter Review

Movement Fly Swatter Review

Movement Fly Swatter

Movement Fly Swatter new in 2010 and for 2011 gets new graphics! Love the graphics or hate them this ski is all about its profile.

The ski is 150 x 125 x 145 either in 175 or 185 cm. The extra wide tip and tail is not just about the width more how it cambers upwards from the centre of the ski, this gives huge float off piste. The side cut gives this ski fantastic carving ability with a turn radius of only 17m there is enough tail rise to ski these skis backwards all day long.

The tested skis were 175cm long, indicated carve radius of only 17 meters, on steep, deep, off piste runs this is perfect for quick turns and super quick carves, keep this ski a little flatter and the extra float off piste is stuff dreams are made of.

The weight at 2.6 kg makes this ski feel very stable and secure.

So what are these skis all about, Movement say they are Backcountry Freestyle well it’s the biggest landing platform we have tried so far and they really are fun to throw off a jump, off piste, on piste or down through the trees.

So Off Piste, easy to ski off piste is an understatement, they turn almost by themselves! Landing small drops is effortless and turning through the trees with drops and pillows is this skis favourite pastime. With the mount being almost central the tails are pretty long but with the huge camber this does not stop them turning. Look out for landing on the tails to heavily as you can easily end up doing a reverse flip! The nice rounded flex makes these skis perfect for any depth of powder you want to drop into.

Score 10 out of 10

So what about other snow conditions?


I found that short turns through the moguls worked, the soft tip and camber makes them a good ski to do this, however look out for snagging of the tails, this could be that I was not used to having this type of ski in the moguls.

Score 7 out of 10

Ice? And Hard Snow

Ice! Surprising edge grip for such a large ski underfoot with this type of ski its all about getting the ski onto the edge yes it takes a bit more effort but its something you get used to quickly. Due to the camber you really need to be on your edges on the icy stuff!

On Hard snow they hold an edge really well, and the short radius makes them easy to ski and get in super quick carves; the turn radius can be shortened or increased depending on tail or tip weighting. Great fun experimenting what they will do. Even at 125 under foot you can still ski these beasts like a slalom ski, quite amazing feeling.

Score 8 out 10

On Piste

Movement say that they are as comfortable on piste as they are off a bold statement. They carve really well as soon as you get used to them, if your making the jump up from a mid fat then they do feel very different to start with however we soon got used to them after a couple of hours.

As mentioned above you can reduce or increase the carve radius by the way you weight your turns and the skis, on piste this is great fun and using them to pop jumps along the side of the piste is very easy.

They do look weird on piste, flyswatter5002.jpg
with the tip and tail camber, but don’t be put off by other skier’s comments, just crank them over onto their edges and you will have the last laugh. We have just tested the 185 version and their carving power on piste is out of this world! really easy to ski and you could easily put this ski into the one ski quiver catergory.

Score 9 out of 10


We really liked this ski and Brandon Snowshepherd is considering these as his season skis for next year, a pretty good endorsement. One thing worth a special mention is ski length choice, they come in 175 or 185, I would really like to see a longer version as well, maybe something for the future?

They ski very short so do not be put off by the 185 as the best option. For the purists out there are they reverse camber? Well under foot they are officially normal camber for 1.2 metre of the ski, however this is a really small camber only a few mm at most.

The other thing we have found this season is the huge discrepancy over turn radius published by the ski manufactures, with the newer shaped skis the carved radius of the skis is more down to how you want to ski them, than ever before, so yes use the published radius but look at it as more of a guide rather than tablets of stone.

Price Guide £649 See Product Page for purchase information


Widths 150 x 125 x 145 cm

Size 175, 185 cm

Weight 2.50, 2.60 kg

Radius 17, 17 metres