Movement Flyswatter Review 2012

Movement Flyswatter Review 2012

Movement Flyswatter

The Movement Flyswatter was new in 2010/2011 and for 2012 gets new graphics again.

For a full write up please see the test and review HERE


Here at Snowshepherd we have been skiing this ski over the whole mountain and can add that the Fly swatter is a ski that you can use day in day out over the whole mountain.

Some other review web sites have said that the Movement Flyswatter "does not have much of a sidecut" well that's strange 150 x 125 x 145 seems like a pretty big sidecut to us, and a carve radius of 17 metres sort of backs it up. The other comment we have heard is that "they are tricky on piste" we would totally disagree with that, they are really good fun on piste. If you are the sort of skier that loves pulling tricks off the side of the piste, then popping back onto the piste for a few turns before another 360, 720 or tip grab on a piste side jump then the Flyswatter is perfect.

Yes off piste in deep powder they are a dream, one of the best we have used, wheather your tree skiing in Japan, skiing under the chairlifts in the Alps or a seasonaire wanting something really fun, then the Movement Flyswatter is a good choice.


A little note to some ski testers out there, "man up" guys !


UPDATE Dec 2011

Brandon Snowshepherd has a pair of Movement Flyswatters for his season ski in La Tania, the snow during the start of the season Dec 2011 has been huge so the Flyswatters are getting a real deep powder test ski by us.

Keep checking back for photos and also video of the Flyswatters being used for what they were designed for. Reports so far have been awesome ski, crazy powder and "sick"


Well our little Snowshepherd never has been know to use lots of words when one will do!