Movement Sluff Review

Movement Sluff Review

Movement Sluff review! OK the first thing we have to admit to is that Brandon Snowshepherd had these for his season ski last season.

 What were the Movement Sluffs subjected to? Super fast piste skiing, off piste straight lining, off piste  trees, off piste super steep, ice, park skiing and to top it all some huge cliff drops including a 70 foot one he was not expecting!


So the details first, length skied 184, profile 134 x 99 x 118 turn radius 22m weight 1.85kg, construction CTS popular light with power rail.


The Movment Sluffs are a true all mountain freeride ski that handle everything very well, as mentioned above they survied a very unexpected cliff drop off about 70 foot, but also got used for a slalom race where up until the last gate Brandon was beating last years winner until he missed the last gate!!!! better luck next time.


We love these skis they really are a classic Movement ski with a traditional setup and camber, enough tail rise to ski switch and hold there own in the park alongside pure freestyle skis but what they really love is higher speed off piste charging if its fresh powder great and even if its difficult snow conditions the Sluffs just eat it up.


The Sluffs suit stronger more aggresive skiers wanting a ski that will reward them day in day out whatever the conditions.



PS The unexpected cliff drop was because Brandon took the wrong line and thought he was somewhere else, he landed it and skied away with a bit of a hip plant, if anyone was in Alpe d'Huez last season riding the top section of the DMC and has a photo/video of it we would love to have a copy.