Movement Super Turbo Review 2012

Movement Super Turbo Review 2012

Movement Super Turbo GTI

 New in 2010/2011 for 2012 season the Movement Super Turbo gets new graphics and new sizes, to make this ski even more skiable to a wider range of skiers. Now in a 192 and 182 with a profile of 144x115x129, carve radius of 22m and 21m we fond last season that the 192 was what had been expected for the tighter line skier especially in the US and Canada, if your more into the trees than big open slopes then the shorter radius and skis sure make a difference.

The 202cm remain at 150 x 120 x 135 these massive skis really do what they say! The extra wide tip is not just about the width, it cambers upwards along way down the ski, this gives superb float off piste and cuts through rough snow and crud like it was not there.(see pic at bottom of review)

 The tail width and reverse camber of the ski means it goes from one arc to the next with ease, stability and for a width under foot of 120cm very quickly when you want it to.

The ski is 202cm long, and has an indicated carve radius of only 23 meters, on steep deep off piste runs this is perfect for super carves. We found them very easy to turn off piste as the tip floated straight away and the extra length gave it a super stable feeling.

(The Text below is very much the same as last year, but just as applicable)

While testing, Brandon Snowshepherd, went down a slope where a few people had traversed across with short turns at the bottom slope. He went down over the transverse tracks, in about four long carves, when we stopped and looked back the lines the Super Turbo made down the slope were incredible a huge double track cutting right through the snow and the old track marks. It looked a bit like a train had come down the mountain making turns!

So Off Piste, rough snow, soft snow the Super Turbo really is a fantastic ski as you would expect they are one of the best we have tried this season, they turn quickly and easily in the trees they really did not feel like a 202 cm ski. Their ability to handle deep snow and make it fun is one of their best attributes.

Score 10 out of 10

So what about other snow conditions?


We mainly tested  the bumps in a straight line, if you see Brandon Snowshepherd Ski you will know what we mean. 3 to 4 foot bumps flat out at 40 to 50 mph in a straight line, yes they can do that, but make sure your knees are up to it as well.

Soft bumps? they just plough through them as if they are not there.

The shorter lengths this season will improve the Super Turbos ability in the bumps and tighter areas

Score 6 out of 10


Ice? And Hard Snow

To say we had fun on the ice would be an understatement, yes they will handle it and good advanced and expert skiers will find them OK, but you have to be careful with solid ice lumps and frozen hard crud. The leverage forces on skis of this length and width are huge and we did manage to pop them off a few times, however this was on really solid

ice which any big ski will struggle with.

On Hard snow they are a dream, they cut in and hold an edge really well, and the shorter radius makes them good fun as well.

Score 7 out 10


On Piste

We found them to be rather surprising in their ability, yes they will carve well, yes they short swing, and bashing soft moguls is real fun. We had a lot of people say to us they would not work on the piste at all, however when you look at the ski, yes its 202 cm long, however the reverse camber and the floated tip make it ski at around 150cm on piste. Plus they have a 23 metre radius which for a big mountain ski is pretty good, we think they ski on piste with a carve radius more like 16 metres. (revised figures after more skiing on the Super Turbo)

Back in the UK I spent a couple of hours on them at one of the snow domes, really good fun and for a big ski they preformed really well doing a variety of different turns and runs.

Score 7 out of 10



Perfect ski if you are into your

steep and deep, good in the trees, after our test we can say that knee deep powder is so much fun with these skis that they make you smile all day. As you would expect they will handle even deeper powder with ease as well.

If you need a ski to do some piste work, then they are good fun and very capable, we would say if you spend most of your time off piste and use the piste to get to there or spend a couple of hours cruising when the powder is skied out then the Super Turbo will not disappoint you.

The one thing we did find is that you will get stopped by other skiers A LOT asking about them, we had two French Guides chasing us trying to buy the Demo ski’s we were testing, they were willing to pay way over the odds to get hold of them, maybe they saw Brandon Snowshepherd put down the big train tracks, earlier in the day?

Links below:(Movement Super Turbo Video's)

Off Piste with the Super Turbo many thanks to Nicolas Pasquier

Small Rock jump on Super Turbo's many thanks Brandon Snowshepherd

Back Flip on 202cm Super Turbo's many thanks Brandon Snowshepherd

Price Guide £675 See Product page for purchase information


Widths 150 x 120 x 135 cm Size 202 cm Weight 2.50 kg Radius 23 metres

Widths 144 x 115 x 129 Size 192 cm Weight 2.40 kg Radius 22 metres

Widths 144 x 115 x 129 Size 182 cm Weight 2.30 kg Radius 21 metres