Movement Trust Review

Movement Trust Review

The new Movement Trust has been one of those skis that really opens your eyes.

When we looked at the Trust back in Feb, we thought yep, good ski stiff charger to replace the Goliath 

HOWEVER this is by no means the full story, after skiing the Movement Trust we have to say it was a really good surprise and what a ski, it’s nothing like the Goliath its way, way better.

We been testing testing the 186 cm skis which are 141 x 108 x 129 mm and weigh in at 2.10kg as it says on the box it’s a stiff charger able to handle speed and straights with ease, its traditional camber and long early rise tip make this a super all-round ski able to handle just about everything the mountain throws at you.

When you ski the Trusts first time they feel stiff and you just want to charge everything straight regardless of the snow, however after a few runs and pushing them on fast carves on piste and off piste this ski really comes alive, the response is out of this world and the control is probably one on the best we have skied.

When you need to stop quickly the trust just gets on with it and seams to have brakes all of its own. Yes the flatter tails make this ski one you have to ski rather than some of the rocker skis which almost ski themselves, but the reward is that they charge out of the turn quicker than you go into it and they feel just so safe.

Looking at the other skis in the Movement range, I can see why the Trust has it place at the top of the tree when it comes to free ride big mountain, yes it’s a stiffer fatter Movement Sluff with all mountain capabilities, but it is so much more than this.

The crave radius is 21m but due to the extra stiffness and tail design they carve like 30+m skis as well when you want them too. Or if your heading home and carving down the piste they just make you smile and feel like the 21m radius ski they are. So where does this ski sit and who is going to buy them?

Stronger freeride skiers looking for a traditional camber, who love a bit of speed and like to work the ski rather than just go along for the ride.

We think this a perfect European ski, better in lots of ways than the full rocker skis and with the flat tail easier to get skins on them to get to the lines you want to ride.

So in Summary, this ones easy!!

On Piste, brilliant

Off Piste Superb

Crud Kills it

Ice Handles it really well

Short Carved turns Yes it has a 21m turn radius

All day ski Yes no problem, if your fit enough.

OK enough gushing from me over these skis, I just want to go and ride them again!



The movment Trust has gained a rapid thumbs up from us, after skiing the Trusts even more, we have to add the following:

On Piste these skis really do something special, I know there an off piste beast really but you would never think it when skiing on Piste the extra stiffness means that you get huge amounts of power out of the turn and they put many slalom skis to shame. Carve radius on piste anything from 13m to 21m you decide


And a final word about other ski test and review web sites that are just there to sell advertising, get your facts straight and ski some proper skis before you write about them, OK rant over back to the Trusts for this season

Link to Product Page

Trust tip rocker, sorry not a great photo.