Whitedot Director Review

Whitedot Director Review


Whitedot Director (Rocker All Mountain Ski )Picture is a Pantone mix to show new colour July 2011 PS this ski has been toatally revamped for the 2015 season, please call us about them.


The White Dot Directors are new for this coming season 2011 2012, but already have a a lot of interest due to testing in the Alps this season and after all once you have seen them you can not really miss them on the slopes. The ski is 121 x 107 x 111 at its widest points narrowing to 117 in the tip and 107 in the tail and come in 178cm and 188cm with a respective turn radius of 21.5 and 27m.

We had the 188cm on test with us for a week. The Whitedot Directors are a flat underfoot rocker ski with an effective edge of 90cm and 100cm respectively. They are in the fat category, however they ski like a much thinner ski.

Whitedot say they are good for off piste, on piste, skiing through crud and skied out powder and all mountain.


Well I had to add this for the Directors, they are somewhat Pink, if you check out the forums on these skis loads of guys like the colour and insist that they stay pink! I did have some pretty amused French guys on the lifts, in one gondola there was a French family chatting away about the colour (in French) the wife was saying that I must have been trying my wife’s skis out for the day, but her husband was saying that I was in touch with my feminine side! I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I could understand them, but on reflection I was skiing with my daughter’s boyfriend that day and we did have almost matching outfits!!!! even down to our leather gloves and super cool Demon Phantom goggles. So maybe I lost something in the translation!

Whatever they were saying I think the colour rocks and “viva la difference”

Off piste:

Ok first I have to say that the week we were testing was not the best off piste week to pick. Very mixed conditions with a lot of ice around! In fresh snow (we found a little) float was really good and they are easy to turn whatever the situation you are in. They really do ski very well and do not feel as if you are skiing a big ski or a rocker ski.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

Well we had quite a bit of this stuff and the Directors were the best ski of the week. Broken crud and skied out powder they were fantastic, really easy and did not get deflected taking broken powder at speed was, even better than the Preachers and that is saying something and I would say just as good as the Redeemers. With the very varied snow conditions during the week I managed to find a small section near the piste which had not been skied very much, I guess because it was pretty steep and ended up on a small flat section. The Directors were a joy, short turns in rubbish powder were more like skiing knee deep fresh on these skis. They are really easy to turn and hold an edge much better than they should do being a rocker design.

On Piste:

For a fat rocker ski they are pretty good, you don’t need too much speed on if you want to go for some super carves, a rocker ski you can use all day on piste? They skid turn easily and always feel like they have a boost button just waiting to get back on the carve, as I mentioned in one of the other reviews I had to do some instruction on the nursery slopes with the family this year, demonstrating a number of different turns was very easy, however at speed the tips did tend to flap a little especially on very hard snowpack.


We did have a lot of it, to be fair the Directors were a surprise, outside our apartment was a small piste come path which had to be negotiated first thing in the morning, usually I would have just gone straight down it, but as mentioned above had to give the family a helping hand!! Edge slide slipping down sheet ice the Directors were the best ski of the week, even with only 1 meter of snow contact. I suppose that on a shorter edge on ice you do have a greater weight ratio and if you are used to fatter skis then it can help.

Hard Pack Really good fun, the Directors love to go fast and on hard packed snow they reward you loads if you push them hard, massive train tracks in the snow are always good to look back at just as good as the Redeemers and almost as good as the Preachers.


All mountain ski: Yes very much so.

Off piste ski: YES

On Piste: Fun especially on good packed powder and hard pack.


Would we ski these skis all season as a one quiver ski? Yes has to be the answer they are a really good option if you are looking for a Rocker one quiver, probably one of the few skis in this category! Link to product page