Whitedot Redeemer Review

Whitedot Redeemer Review

Whitedot Redeemers (Rocker Powder Ski )


The White Dot Redeemers have only been around for a season, but already have a huge following. The ski is 142 x 128 x 132 at its widest points narrowing to 138 in the tip and 128 in the tail and come in 180cm and 190cm with a respective turn radius of 21.5 and 27m. We had the 190cm on test with us for a week.

Whitedot Redeemers skis are a flat underfoot rocker ski with an effective edge of 90cm and 100cm respectively. They are in the super fat category, however they ski much easier than their size. Whitedot say they are good for off piste, charging bowls, hucking cliffs and smashing through crud and skied out powder.

These skis really fall into the Brandon Snowshepherd category of ski, but unfortunately, he smashed his leg up only a few days before the test week so it was left to me to give them a try.

Off piste:

Ok first I have to say that the week we were testing was not the best off piste week to pick. Very mixed conditions with a lot of ice around! In fresh snow (we found a little) they float really well and are easy to turn whatever the situation you are in. They really do charge very well and do not feel as if you are skiing a big ski. I used the Movement Super Turbo as a reference point and they feel similar on most parts of the mountain, however the 190’s do what the 202cm Turbo’s do and with a better charging feel than the Movement skis, the turn radius of the Super Turbo’s is smaller than the Redeemers.

The Redeemers are also much easier to skid across soft snow, probably down to the tip and tail slimming and they are a stiffer ski.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

Well we had quite a bit of this stuff and the Redeemers were great. Broken crud and skied out powder they were fantastic, really easy and did not get deflected at all, even better than the Preachers and that is saying something. The extra steep stuff that Brandon Snowshepherd usually does, well I threw a little caution to the wind on some short sections and the Redeemers rewarded me with a couple of the best runs of the week, OK it was only about 4 turns down a short steep pitch with a nice run out but they made me whoop with joy. I think the word is “trust” and the Redeemers will love you forever.

On Piste:

For a super fat ski they are better than I thought they would be, you need to keep a little speed on if you want to go for some super carves, but all in all I would not mind having to ski these all day on piste if I had to. They skid turn really easily and always feel safe and secure, as I mentioned in one of the other reviews I had to do some instruction on the nursery slopes with the family this year, one footed carved demo on a green run, was fun on the Redeemers, however they were great for just cruising down blue runs, with me shouting “man up” to one of the family!!


Well we did have a lot of it, to be fair the Redeemers did get over it, outside our apartment was a small piste come path which had to be negotiated first thing in the morning, usually I would have just gone straight down it, but as mentioned above had to give the family a helping hand!! Edge slide slipping down sheet ice the Redeemers did better than my other skis even with only 1 meter of snow contact, pretty good but they did sound like two snowboards. I suppose that on a shorter edge on ice you do have a greater weight ratio and if you are used to fatter skis then it can help.

Hard Pack

Really good fun, the Redeemers love to go fast and on hard packed snow they reward you loads if you push them hard, massive train tracks in the snow are always good to look back at.


All mountain ski, If you want to!

Off piste ski Hell YES,

On Piste fun especially on good packed powder and hard pack, but watch out for those icy morning sections getting to the early lift.

Would we ski these skis all season as a one quiver ski? I think the answer has to be it depends where you are. If you are skiing the majority of the time in an off piste based resort then yes, the Whitedot Redeemer’s are good, if your choice is to ski the majority of the time off piste even if it’s in resort then yes the Redeemers are a good choice. I would not recommend for touring, as they are a bit on the heavy side, but for shorter in bounds hiking then they are fine. Link to product page