Avalanche Transceiver Review

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The Canadian Ski Patrol recently published their 2009 Avalanche Transceiver Review come test, very intresting results!




Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing Gears up with Ortovox D3's

Hopkinton, New Hampsire (2/01/2010)—Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, one of Canada’s oldest and best-loved heli-powered skiing and snowboarding guide services, affirmed its uncompromising commitment to safety with the recent purchase of 160 Ortovox D3 transceivers. Founded in 1970 and headquartered in the town of Blue River, Wiegele operates in the heart of big-mountain powder country in British Columbia’s legendary Cariboo and Monashee ranges.           
Wiegele provides its guests access to 1.2-plus million acres of unsurpassed skiing and boarding terrain—not to mention more than 1000 of Canada’s most thrilling ski peaks. Building an excellent safety record when operating in this rugged, remote area does not come easily. By making safety and guest comfort a central focus since day one, however, the Wiegele team has accomplished this.           


Of course, the capability and quality of the snow-safety equipment used by both guests and guides is paramount. For Wiegele, this means Ortovox, which has been the company’s exclusive supplier since 1982.                      
“Wiegele chose D3s because of the unit’s straightforward yet sophisticated performance, said Ortovox USA’s Marcus Peterson. “Fast, intuitive, and easy to use, it’s the perfect transceiver for a large operation that serves clients of such wide-ranging abilities and levels of avalanche training, and, who speak different languages. Wiegele’s pros love the D3s, too. We couldn’t be happier that our long-time partner will continue to be equipped with Ortovox as they head into the future.”           

Located at the foot of the Alps, Ortovox is the recognized international leader in avalanche probe, shovel, and transceiver design. The Munich-based company was founded by Gerald Kampel in 1982.