Mammut RAS Avalanche Airbags

Mammut RAS Avalanche Airbags

Mammut RAS Avalanche Airbags

Mammut RAS or removable airbag system using Snowpulse airbag and Mammut backpacks new version 3 systems with the lightest avalanche airbag systems available.

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Mammut Ride Removable Airbag 30L

Mammut Ride Removable Airbag 30L version 3.0 avalanche airbag back pack , this compatible back pack for the removable airbag system.

£535.00 *
RRP £570.00
You save £35.00

5 to 7 Delivery

Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35 and 45L

Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35L or 45Lversion 3 with removable airbag from only 2600g with the airbag in the pack

£569.00 *
RRP £600.00
You save £31.00

Snowpulse Cylinder 2 Refillable

Snowpulse and Mammut Avalanche Air Bag Cylinder 2 refillable 207 bar can be refilled at dive shops with compressed air
£160.00 *

Snowpulse Cylinder Refilling

Snowpulse Cylinder refilling service, we will organise everthing for you, just send your empty cylinder back to us.

£30.00 *

Mammut Snowpulse Carbon Cylinder 300 bar

Mammut and Snowpulse Carbon cylinder 300 bar for all Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags, Only 310g New price for all version 2 and 3 Mammut airbags

£129.00 *

Mammut Ride RAS Element Package

Mammut Ride Removable airbag 30L version 3.0 package avalanche airbag and Element transceiver shovel and probe

£799.00 *
RRP £893.00
You save £94.00

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