Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags

Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags

Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags

Snowpulse avalanche airbags range for lift based off piste skiing and heli skiing, day ski touring and off piste skiing hut to hut touring

Some Feedback from one of our customers, Charlie Brooksbank of Pure Powderpurepowlogo.jpg

“I bought a Snowpulse backpack for a heli skiing trip to Alaska as I wanted the additional security that it offers.
Thankfully I didn’t need to deploy it, but I was impressed by the pack: its compact, light-weight and straightforward. I really liked the little zip-up pocket for the trigger mechanism that helps avoid accidental deployments.”

I was also seriously impressed with the service I received from Tim at Snow Shepherd – I needed the pack quickly and it was with me fast and without fuss”

If you want some more information about Pure Powder Click on the logo on the right of the page

Click here If you would like to see Charlie and Snowpulse in action in Alaska

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Mammut Ride Protection Airbag 30L

Mammut Ride Protection Airbag 30L this is the new version 3.0 the new Ride packs are lighter and more flexible now having an air bag that is removable

£649.00 *
RRP £679.00
You save £30.00

Mammut Light Protection Airbag 30L

Mammut Light Protection Airbag 30L version 3.0 new lighter airbag this is the new version of the Snowpulse Light

£649.00 *
RRP £669.00
You save £20.00

Mammut Snowpulse Carbon Cylinder 300 bar

Mammut and Snowpulse Carbon cylinder 300 bar for all Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags, Only 310g New price for all version 2 and 3 Mammut airbags

£129.00 *

Snowpulse Cylinder

Snowpulse Pro Rider and Life Bag extra or replacement cylinder European Cylinder and information about flying with your Snowpulse avalanche airbag

£199.00 *

Snowpulse Cylinder Refilling

Snowpulse Cylinder refilling service, we will organise everthing for you, just send your empty cylinder back to us.

£30.00 *

Mammut Cylinder 2

Mammut  Cylinder 2, non refillable cylinder for the 2012 and onwards range of Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags.

£110.00 *

Snowpulse Cylinder 2 when ordered with Snowpulse Bag

New Snowpulse Cylinder 2, non refillable cylinder for the 2012 range of Snowpulse avalanche airbags, please only order this item as an extra cylinder when buying a Snowpulse avalanche airbag.
£90.00 *

Snowpulse Cylinder 2 Refillable

Snowpulse and Mammut Avalanche Air Bag Cylinder 2 refillable 207 bar can be refilled at dive shops with compressed air
£160.00 *

Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35 and 45L

Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35L or 45Lversion 3 with removable airbag from only 2600g with the airbag in the pack

£569.00 *
RRP £600.00
You save £31.00

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