Whitedot Skis

Whitedot Skis

Whitedot Skis

Whitedot Freeride skis for season, The Ranger Redeemer, Preacher, Ragnarok, Director and the Carbonlite series second generation 3L carbon lay up for increased edge hold on even harder snow, we have used the new carbons and can say yes, it really makes a difference.

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Whitedot Skis Eclipse Hoody

Whitedot Skis Eclipse Hoody developed with leading British mountaineering brand Mountain Equipment, to produce a technical mid-layer that is specifically engineered for all day skiing and ski mountaineering.

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Whitedot Preacher Carbonlite

Whitedot Preacher Carbonlte CL :3 a lighter version of the Preacher using carbon and flax this years new carbon setup is 150% stronger than other carbon skis

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Whitedot Preacher

Whitedot Preacher, new graphics for, the Whitedot Preacher is one of the best all mountain skis we have tried, its one of the few all mountain fat skis with a small carve radius, and boy does it carve, both on piste and off piste.

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Vist Free 4 to 12 Din Whitedot

Vist Free ski bindings for Whitedot skis with Whitedot covers

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