Off Piste Skiing Equipment Checklist

Off Piste Skiing Equipment Checklist

Off piste skiing equipment checklist as been put together from what we use when skiing off piste and also other on line resources such as Snowheads chat forum, this off piste skiing checklist is not intended to be a complete off piste skiing guide but offers a good starting point for people wanting to start skiing further off piste.







In your Skiing jacket or on person:

Avalanche Transceiver   linkfptransceivers.jpg

Lip Balm

Piste Map

Lift Pass

Mobile Phone (always a point for discussion, if in your jacket keep it as far away from your avalanche transceiver as possible)


In your Backpack or Avalanche Airbag  link


Avalanche Shovel    link

Avalanche Probe    linkfpprobes.jpg

Water, either hydration system or bottle

Spare Hat (of course you are wearing your helmet)

Neck Fleece     link

Face mask      link

Spare mid layer we find merino the best

Spare Gloves

Goggles if not wearing them

Sunglasses if not wearing them


Whistle, some backpacks have this built in


Torch and or headlamp, some have auto SOS function   link


First Aid Kit     link

Bivvy Bag or thermal blanket    link

Heat source, such as instant hand warmer or body warmer

Spare lighter

Duct Tape

Cash/Credit Cards

Map of the area as detailed as possible

Some type of multi tool for quick adjustments.


It is always worth having the local emergency numbers pre programmed into you phone, and always tell someone your intended route and return time.


Our Backpack size is usually around 20 to 30 litres for a day trip off piste, I always plan on the worst side of having to spend the night on the mountain, never had to do this as an emergency yet, but the extra little things like heat source and torches help put my mind at rest a little!

The only other item which many people seem to carry is a hip flask with either whiskey or Brandy, not essential but quite a pleasant addition to your off piste skiing equipment