Reviews and Feedback

Reviews and Feedback

Please leave us a review/feedback or any suggestions that you may have about the Snowshepherd web site, the range we offer, we welcome any and all feedback from our customers so that we can improve our service. Please remember to leave your name and contact email address if you want a reply from this page.
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Paul Jones
18/11/2018 14:28
Leaving some feedback!
Been skiing/boarding for 25 years, and have to say that these gloves are the best i have ever used. Bought 2 years ago as a present for my son, who now wants a pair for himself as he is off to Japan for the season. £30 for a pair of leather ski gloves is amazing. Thanks guys, am ordering another pair now.
Emanuele Traietta
14/11/2018 16:50
Hi Tim

thanks for your clear and honest reply. I will get in touch with you by mail for furhter steps.
Tim Shepherd
14/11/2018 08:57
Hi Guys, I thought a follow up to your posts would be useful
Emanuele, the gloves you got back in 2016 have been improved, with a more breathable membrane, its a tricky balance getting a glove which is super tough high quality leather and super warm to be as breathable as a non membrane glove, we looked at taking the membrane out, but the vast majority of people wanted a membrane.

If the fingers were to small for you then just send back the gloves, they could well have been slightly out, after all the gloves you got were our very first delivery of that glove, and we did not check every single pair before they shipped.

As above we have improved the membrane on the latest gloves, happy to send you another pair to test out for us, just drop me a line on our email address

regards Tim Snowshepherd
Emanuele Traietta
13/11/2018 16:56
In reply to Christopher Roome's review of Ski Guide Pro glove:
unfortunately I experienced the same huge problem you correctly described: the inside get damp by sweating, which is not only bothering but also making difficult to wear back the gloves once you have taken them off for a while. I never had such kind of problem with any other gloves I own and I do not suffer of "sweating hands" at all (I could even avoid magnesium when climbing). Another cons is related to fitting: fingers are in fact way too short compared to the palm, especially pinkie and forefinger, as noticeable even simply looking the pictures, resulting in bad accomodation of the fingers in the glove, uncomfortable wearing and reduced dexterity, getting even worse when got damp inside. All in all these gloves would be a great piece of equipment, thanks
to the very tough but supple leather and the bomb-proof construction. But the 2 huge problems, above mentioned, are making the gloves more efficient for snow shoveling than for skiing. And that's the way I use them.
Christopher Roome
31/03/2018 19:00
Hi, I have been using the SnowShepherd Ski Guide provide gloves this season, living in the French Alps I rack up quite a number of ski hours. They are comfortable, hard wearing and require minimal "breaking in" compared with the similar Kinco offering.
One big "however" is the the gloves are not particularly breathable. Even in cold conditions the inside of the glove becomes damp quite quickly on account of "sweaty hands" I don't have this problem with the Kinco gloves which I also have.
I wondered whether anyone else using these has a similar experience? It is a shame as without this, they would be the "go to " glove by a country mile. Chris
Johannes Petersen
17/02/2017 20:21
Review of Leather Ski Work Glove ("Le Glove"). I bought a pair of these gloves at the start of this winter season. Excellent service from the team at Snowshepherd - quick delivery, etc. The quality of the gloves is fantastic - easily dextrous enough for climbing ropework, fiddling carabiners, racking up, etc. Nice and warm even when wet, and the fleecy lining is excellent. You can even get your fingers back inside when wet! So happy I bought a second pair to see me as my spare pair. For £29 you can't beat these- highly recommended
Max Berman
06/02/2017 14:12
Just a quick write up on the Pro Mittens. Just returned from Val Thorens. Only needed hand warmers added when it dropped to -18C. Fit y hands really well as I generally find the thumbs on mitts way too long. No wear to fingers after a week of hands-down carving. I go through gloves like paper plates and these look like they might last me a while! Great stuff!
Donovan Davidson
23/01/2017 08:10
Found Snow Shepherd on Google. Best decision made sent the order in and
it arrived in less than 24 hours
Right size -fits well very warm and will be trying it out in France in Feb.
Great service -reccomended to other
dmitriy pigidin
28/07/2016 14:37
Good afternoon, interested Ortovox ABS MASS UNITA, whether you are sending to Russia and how much will it cost? Thank you.
Michael Swan
03/03/2016 18:07
I bought the snow shepeard yellow work gloves at the ski and snowboard show in London back in 2015, I was nervous at the time mainly for how affordable they were but I have been absolutely outstanded by how genuinely awesome these gloves are. No wonder you always see lift operators and patrol wearing them, so much better than any mainstream brands. The gloves are also incredibly hard wearing and warm, I have been skiing the whole season this year and at no point have they let me down!
Thanks to Tim Shepeard who sold them to me, these are my best outerwear purchase for my skiing I have ever made. Will definitely keep buying these.

10/10 buy a pair!
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