Ski Test 2012/2013

Ski test and review 2012 2013 updates on the Whitedot range and new Movement skis, we are still adding more info and putting together a Ski Test Video which should be pretty interesting

Movement Flyswatter 2012 2013

Movement Flyswatter 2012 2013, 185cm huge tip and tail rocker with 125mm underfoot our seasonaire Snowshepherd's ski for the whole season choice.


Movement Trust 2012 2013

Movement Trust tip rocker and flat tail stiffer all mountain charging ski with huge hold and great fun on piste graphics to make us weep wow they look as good as they ski!


Movement Super Turbo 192 2012 2013

Movement Super Turbo big tip rocker and tail rocker ski we tested these before in 202cm our first chance on 192 and phew they look sick this season!


Movement Buzz 2012 2013

Movement Buzz 2012 2013 NEW for this season, a replacement for the Sluff but to be fair a different ski that performs like a softer Trust


Movement Source 2012 2013

Movement Source 2012 2013 the Source has to be one of our favourite all mountain skis it does the lot a true one quiver ski


Movement Jam ER 2012 2013

Movement Jam ER 2012 2013 the ER stands for early rise tip, the Jam now really does come into its own as an all mountain one quiver ski


Movemet Tattoo 2012 2013

Movement Tattoo 2012 2013 the girl version of the Source one quiver ski thats does piste and off piste like a dream


Movemet Believe 2012 2013

Movement Believe 2012 2013 NEW girl version of the Buzz all mountain and for the bigger mountain great in variable snow the Believe will take female riders to a new level


Whitedot Redeemer 2012 2013

Whitedot Redeemer 2013 model, new graphics, only a slight graphic change great rocker off piste ski for the deeper days and great fun on piste.


Whitedot Preacher 2012 2013

Whitedot Preacher 2013 test and reviews, the Preacher is one of the best all mountain traditional camber skis we have skied plus now a Freeride World Tour winner


Whitedot Director 2012 2013


Whitedot Director 2012 2013 all mountain rocker ski, flat underfoot tested and reviewed by Snowshepherd

Whitedot Ragnarok 2012 2013

Whitedot Ragnarok 2013 well what can we say the best charging ski around that skis everywhere like a dream