Whitedot Preacher Review

Whitedot Preachers (All Mountain Fat Ski)


The White Dot Preachers have only been around for a season or two, but have already made a huge impression on anyone who has skied on them. The ski is 155 x 112 x 133 and come in 169cm 179cm or 189cm with a respective turn radius of 14m 16.5m and 19m. Each length is a different ski to be fair, the 189 is much stiffer than the 179 so opens up a whole different type of skiing.

We had the 179cm on test with us for a week. The whitedot preachers are a positive camber all mountain ski in the fat category, however with a 155 tip they look more like a super fat ski.

We have also managed a few days now on the 189 and were pretty amazed at the difference between the 179 and 189 more info in the smmary section. 

Whitedot say they are good for off piste, tree runs, piste and the hardest of pistes

Off piste:

Ok first I have to say that the week we were testing was not the best off piste week to pick. Very mixed conditions with a lot of ice around! In fresh snow (we found a little) they float really well and are easy to turn whatever the situation you are in. You can vary the turn radius for short or long turns very easily. They handle like a traditional ski, however you can ski them with a wider modern stance or a closer stance and they work well both ways. The harder you push them off piste the better they seem to get, but if you feel lazy or are getting tired then relax the Preachers do not punish you.

Off piste Crud and broken Powder:

Well we had quite a bit of this stuff and I must say that the Preachers were one of the better skis I have tried in these types of conditions, with the exception of icy off piste bumps, but more about that in the icy section.

Broken crud and compacted powder they were a dream really easy and did not get deflected too much, I believe that Whitedot stiffened the tips a little and I am sure that this has helped. In broken up powder and tracked powder the wide tip makes it feel like you are back in the fresh stuff again, a real dream ski for these conditions.

On Piste:

Well for a fat ski they are fantastic, as mentioned above we had a really mixed week of weather, from ice to soft snow and very warm snow in the afternoons. The Preachers carve really easily and are a dream to tip onto an edge; they handled just about everything that was thrown at them with ease and very little effort.

This season was a little different as I had to help one family member who had not skied for a number of years, instructing on the nursery slopes while using the Preachers was really easy, which did surprise me slow speeds and demonstrating edge angles and weighting, a real eye opener and a good example as to why these skis really do work over the whole mountain.


Well we did have a lot of it, to be fair the Preachers did OK but no better really than some other fat skis on the market. I always struggle on steep icy moguls, the old legs are just not up to it any more. We had one morning off piste on icy moguls and I wish I had taken my Movements Sources that day. But on one small section we had a couple of vertical drops of about five feet onto some softer steps they had to be done in a one turn short swing drop style and the Preachers really handled this well. Good really as there was a small couloir below which I would not have liked to fall down! But it was fun to ski down.

Hard Pack Pure bliss, really easy and the carve angles you can get are pretty extreme, not as great as a super fat off piste freestyle ski like the Movement Flyswatters, but great fun all the same.

Again you can ski the Preachers on hard pack with a wide style or a closer style and they work equally as well either way.

Also after skiing the 189's on ice the extra stiffnes of this length makes a huge difference giving a lot more grip and a much more confident feel.


All mountain ski, YES. Off piste ski YES, On Piste YES Product Page Link

The biggest sweet spot of these skis is there ability to make you smile all day especially in the powder when it is broken up, when others have stopped skiing because it looks skied out then believe me charge down it on the Preachers and it feels like the first run of the morning!

Would we ski these skis all season as a one quiver ski? I think the answer has to be yes we would a great choice and they come as a 169cm so if you’re a light female skier then your covered as well. (pic bottom is my carve track on the Preachers, just off piste lots of hard pack and ruts)


In terms of the ski length for your height and weight then if you are under 70kg and not taller than 180cm then the 179 would be our recommendation, HOWEVER if you are a very strong skier and looking for a stiffer ski to ski the whole mountain, with more of a charger feel then go for the 189 believe us you will love them, we do.


Brandon Snowshepherd getting some tip grab action in on Whitedot Preachers Hemel Snowdome