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Snowshepherd Black Sheep Leather Ski Work gloves were designed and tested on our Chamonix Off Piste Ski Instruction Courses, these gloves are similar to the classic Venitex FBF15 Chamonix bin men gloves, however they have been improved upon hugely by us here at Snowshepherd.

Free sachet of Nikwax Waterproof Wax for leather with every pair enough to give a top up treatment for one pair of our gloves

These new gloves and their partner, The Snowshepherd Tan Leather Ski Work Gloves, are made from super durable full hide leather, the Black Sheep version has the addition of a reinforced palm and thumb area, adding to the durability for rope work.

The leather is almost twice as thick as the newer French style gloves and the lining is plusher and thicker to so they are super warm.

They have a Hipora® waterproof membrane, plus the membrane and the lining is not sewn into the seams so ours are much more comfortable to wear.

The leather is pre-treated as well, so they have good water resistance, use a Nikwax top up over time to keep them nice and supple and water proof.

So what else is new with these gloves, well, we have a full range of sizes, from small to XL, this is a first for this style of glove, so finally a ladies size! Plus with the membrane and the construction they are pretty much totally wind proof so no more chilly drafts creeping into the seams.

We have made the wrist fully elasticated unlike the Venitex FBF15 which is only across the back of the glove and was to be honest not that efficient.

They feel soft straight away, so no need to break them in for the first week, they do give a little with use this is quite normal for a 100% leather glove.

We believe in this new glove so much that we will offer a full years warranty on workmanship and also if you wear them out in the first year we will replace them free of charge, and yes that does include ski workers, guides and seasonnaires.


We tested our samples over many weeks on our Chamonix Off Piste Instruction Courses and they got a big thumbs up from everyone who tried them and we also got lots of interest from Ski Guides, Pisteurs and instructors.

 We tested in many different conditions over the season from -20c to almost plus 20c and they performed really well, on one very cold day, I tried a few runs in another brands glove that we were testing, ouch I had to change back to the Snowshepherd ones!

So expect to see them on sale in Chamonix ski shops as well, we make these gloves so if you’re interested in selling them as well, please contact us. We can also do bespoke versions with your own logo, and a mixed colour tan and black version, further details on request.


Technical Details:

Premium Full Hide leather 2.5 to 3mm thick

Waterproof Hipora® glove insert fully breathable

Synthetic Wool liners super warm extra thick

High cuff to fit under or over ski jackets

Fully elasticated wrist to keep nice and snug

Manufactured in Pakistan to Snowshepherd Specifications

Made to EN420:2003 EN388:2003 EN511:2006

LOGO on black gloves, will be stitched rather than branded as per photo's

SIZING (We have made to a combination of work style sizes and also Euro sizes, please read the descriptions below to select the correct size)

XXX Small ( Euro 3 to 5 or childrens size)

XX Small (Euro 5 to 6)

X Small (Euro 6)

Small (Euro 7 ladies small to medium hand size, men’s size small)

Medium (Euro 8 men’s, or ladies large)

Large (Euro 9 to 10, or ladies XL)

X Large (Euro 11 to 12 men’s)

Further notes on Ski Glove Sizing, as with most ski gloves, size is crucial to maintaining warm hands, it’s always best to have the gloves slightly larger, this traps more warm air inside the glove especially true on our new design, plus on super super cold days the addition of a silk glove liner is possible.

Further information on where we get our gloves made, we use the same manufacturer that makes the gloves for the fire service in the UK, the leather is rated at 180c resistant, so they also work in the cold. We are using a same batch leather source so our gloves are all consistent in terms of grain and colour, unlike previous work gloves.  Some very small leather imperfections maybe present, but that’s just the natural grain of the leather.

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