Ortovox 3 + Transceiver Blue

Ortovox 3 + Transceiver Blue

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Ortovox 3 Plus the Ortovox 3 + is the smart transceiver, beacon, from Ortovox and now has the added benefit of having a built in Recco Reflector, Recco now have much more compact search system than they did a few years ago so the ski patrol get to you quicker now. Plus the newer version has the following upgrades, new on switch, Better sounds, louder, and a improved stable range, and of course its the only transceiver on the market that has a smart antenna system!


The 3+ is super simple to use and is packed full of features. The PLUS means that the 3 antenna system improves your own safety, it has intelligent position recognition analysis and switches the transmit antenna automatically to the optimal position thereby enabling other transceivers to find you quicker and easier.

The 3+ has a circular display setup like the top of the range S1 Transceiver and also gives a circular range of up to 43 meters, not quite as good as the S1 on range but very impressive. Just follow the arrow and distance count down, when you get into the final stage the 3 plus gives a precise circular read out with distance and direction, this is really easy to use and is the same as the much more expensive S1 system. There is a full pin function to mark multiple targets of up to four people, its easy to use and switching from transmit to receive could not be simpler. Also the design and feel of the transceiver is really up to date with a rubberised housing and colour choice of pretty funky apple green or standard black silver. Battery life is approx 250 hours from a single AA battery a first I think for the transceiver market, plus the transceiver comes with an ergonomic carry case and straps. I am sure that there will be lots of tests coming shortly on this new transceiver we have tested the pre production model and found it really easy to use. We will test against the DTS Tracker, Tracker 2, D3 and the new Ortovox Patroller as soon as we can, check back on our review and test page for updates. 

We have now update the test reports with the full production Ortovox 3+, plus added information about the BCA Tracker 2 and 3 as well.

Who should be using?

Firstly we are sure here at SnowShepherd that transceivers really are an essential piece of kit for all Skiers and Boarders who are venturing even a few meters from the piste. With modern skis and boards, dare we say it but it’s too easy to go off piste!! The temptation of all that lovely soft stuff! If you have ever thought “maybe I should have a transceiver” then there is no excuse GET ONE.

The common saying “there is no such thing as a little off piste” is, in our experience very true, having seen and narrowly missed numerous slides over the last few years just meters from the piste. Please make sure that you have the 3 essentials, transceiver, shovel and probe.


Comfortable bag and hand loop
Microprocessor control
Parallel search for multiple victims
Autom. switchover in case of secondary avalanche after 120 sec.
Display of multiple victims
Visual support at fine search
Recco Reflector Inside

Weight incl battery and case in g: 210
Dimensions in mm: 122 x 73 x 27
Transmission capacity in h: 250
Receive function: digital
Warranty: 5 years with registration
Battery: 1 AA Alkaline 1,5V LR06


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