Ortovox S1+ Transceiver

Ortovox S1+ Transceiver

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The Ortovox S1 + combines the same smart antenna system as the Ortovox 3 Plus. This update gives the Ortovox S1 Plus the best possibility of being found whatever the angle of the avalanche transceiver. The Smart antenna system works out your position in the avalanche and then automatically switches to the best transmit antenna.

This works really well in the Ortovox 3+ and with this feature being added to the S1 really does make the Ortovox S1+ the best avalanche transceiver on the market today.

The Ortovox S1+ Avalanche Transceiver gives a clear overview of the burial situation. Being able to see your friends on the display helps to make the right decision. It gives a detailed analysis of the situation showing multiple victims and the distance to them. The line of arrows indicates a quick, safe and reliable way to the victim.

This technology is used in aviation and has been used for the first time in the development of avalanche transceivers by Ortovox. The line of arrows points towards the symbol of the buried person and indicates the direction of walking and distance to each victim. Where the S1+ comes into its own is in the pinpoint search area, Ortovox has developed the patented circle method. With this method buried victims are located more easily, quickly and precisely than when using other avalanche transceivers. It visually and acoustically directs in precise 5cm steps whether you are getting closer or whether you are moving further away from the victim. This provides a new level of precision and speed.

Who should be using?

Firstly we are sure here at SnowShepherd that transceivers really are an essential piece of kit for all skiers and snowboarders who are venturing even a few meters from the piste.

With modern skis and boards, dare we say it but it’s too easy to go off piste!! The temptation of all that lovely soft stuff! If you have ever thought “maybe I should have a transceiver” then there is no excuse GET ONE.

The common saying “there is no such thing as a little off piste” is, in our experience very true, having seen and narrowly missed numerous slides over the last few years just meters from the piste.

Well, this level of technology does not come cheap (but cheaper than last seaso); however the S1+ really is easy to use and saves a great deal of time searching and locating.

As we have said on the other transceiver pages anyone who is venturing off piste should have a transceiver, the Ortovox S1 recently won the Canadian Ski Patrol Transceiver Test.

If you are regularly off piste in larger groups then this is the transceiver you should be carrying.

The Ortovox S1 is in our opinion the easiest to use transceiver on the market today, if you are a novice transceiver user then this is the transceiver for you, it is fast becoming the first choice trancsiever for off-piste guides and their groups because it is so easy to use.


Range: 55m,

Search strip width: 50m

Function: digital + sensor-controlled

Frequency: 457 kHz Battery: 2 x AAA LR3 mini 1,5V

Transmitting: 250h

Receiving: 20h

Weight: 250 g

Size: 120 x 80 x 30 mm

Warranty: 5 Years


Electronic compass

Temperature information

Measurement of inclination

Neoprene Carrying case

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