Ortovox Badger Avalanche Shovel

Ortovox Badger Avalanche Shovel

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Ortovox Badger avalanche shovel new economy aluminium shovel comes in niceOrtovox Blue, light weight at only 625gand with a 45cm pack down size. The Badger comes with a fixed length handle of 45cm and assembled gives this shovel a 70cm length.

The front edge of the blade has steps to give max stability and as with all Ortovox shovels the pronounced centre ridge comes right down the blade to give greater strength.


Non Slip Groves

Hybrid grip best of t bar and D grip style

Rapid assembly shaft

High side walls

Scoop 2500cm

Weight 625g

Length 70 (45) cm

Blade 28x21x4cm

Colour Sulpur well yellow green type!

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