Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35 and 45L

Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35 and 45L

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Mammut Pro Removable Airbag 35L or 45Lversion 3.0 with removable airbag the professionals choice and super multi day touring pack with the 45L size

We are sure this is a winner in the touring market or for guides who need to carry extra gear, but still want a RAS system.

What Mammut Say:

The Pro Removable Airbag is our avalanche airbag designed specially for professionals.
The backpack is tailored specifically to the needs of mountain guides. With lots of room, a range of attachment options, multiple compartments to keep items organized and an extremely robust design.
The large back opening allows access to the main compartment of the backpack, even when skis or a snowboard are attached to the front. It is ideal for one-day or multi-day tours with skis or a snowboard


Backpack Information:

Option is backpack only (no airbag fitted) or the Pro 35 or 45 with the airbag pre installed and fitted.

All new Mammut airbag ready backpacks will take the RAS airbag, so you can swap between different models, such as the Ride, Rocker and On range

Please note the Protection series airbags will not fit in the Removable range or the Removable fit the Protection range.

Cylinder Information:

No Cylinder

What it says above no cylinder option you just pay for either the Pro 35 or the Pro Protection 45 with airbag fitted.

Steel 300 Bar Europe and rest of the World

The standard steel cylinder for all Mammut and Snowpulse series 2 bags, weight 500g approx. are not refillable, but we offer an exchange service. Nitrogen filled 300 bar or 4350 psi, you can fly with this cylinder to the whole of Europe and most parts of the world. Many of our customers also take this cylinder to the US and Canada, they have all been fine as long as your not on main provider internal flights within the US.

Carbon 300 Bar Europe and Rest of the World

The new Carbon cylinder weighs in at only 235g empty and approx 310g full, significant weight saving. All other details the same as the standard 300 bar Steel.

If you are looking just to buy a Carbon cylinder to update your current Snowpulse or Mammut pack then please see the links at the bottom of the page.


Aluminium 207 Bar Refillable US and Can and the EU

The aluminium 207 bar is a refillable cylinder with pressure gauge, ideal if you want to keep practising inflating your airbag, they can be refilled at almost all dive shops and paint ball centres. They are heavier at 630g filled and longer than the 300 bar models, there is the same amount of air inside as the other cylinders it just a lower pressure system. WHY? Well in the US and Canada the regulations are different about filling these types of cylinders, plus the flight restrictions used to say 250ml, however this changed on the 1st Jan 2013 so you can now fly across Europe with this cylinder.


Flying with your Avalanche Airbag.

Please see our section on this here and what to do, it is much easier than it used to be. Internet talk about it being difficult is out of date or talking about the position in the USA and Canada which is a different position to Europe and the rest of the world.


The other significant improvement this season is that the back length is adjustable from a medium (small) to large and Xlarge, this means a number of things, the fit is better if you were between sizes and you can also transfer your airbag between people much easier now, oh and yes it means we don't have to worry about which size sells the most, one size fits all!



– Removable Airbag System: Removable,
compact, light (SET Airbag already
integrated; READY without airbag; airbag
can be purchased separately)
– Safety leg loop
– U-frame 6 mm aluminum, adjustable
– Removable, padded hip belt
– Front pocket for avalanche safety
– Fully zipped access into the main
compartment from the back
– Diagonal, stowable ski attachment
– Snowboard carrier
– Helmet carrier with snow protection,
– 2 attachments for ice tool and trekking
– Attachment for Mammut® crampon bag
– Side compression straps
– Hip belt pocket
– Very large, lined head pocket
– Hydration system compatible

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