Mammut RAS Removable Airbag System 3 Unit

Mammut RAS Removable Airbag System 3 Unit

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Mammut RAS Removable Airbag System Unit please add a cylinder from the drop down menu above if you require one for thios item this detachable airbag can be used with the Mammut Ride backpacks.

Mammut have combined with Snowpulse avalanche air bags, to produce a system that allows you to fit an airbag into a normal back pack, while not as specific as the Snowpulse systems, this does mean a high degree of convenience, you can use the back pack as a normal ski and snowboard back pack, and then on off piste days fit the RAS (removable airbag system) in to the back pack.



For detailed information about flying with your airbag please see HERE

With the link up between Snowpulse and Mammut, it means that essential items such as the cylinders are readily available throughout the world,

Mammut have now setup a cylinder rental system, in resorts so, you can fly with your airbag and pick up a rental cylinder in resort, or if you happen to deploy your RAS system, you can get a replacement cylinder very easily, here at Snowshepherd we think this makes the Mammut RAS and Snowpulse avalanche airbags a great idea over other systems.

To see the dealer list of where you can pick up a cylinder just click on the logo below.




  • Compatible with all R.A.S. ready backpacks
  • Airbag: due to the red signal color a faster localization is possible; square shaped airbag; position of airbag keeps head on top and offers excellent buoyancy
  • Airbagvolume: 150 l
  • System weight: 850 g
  • Airbag inflation: approx. 3 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C - +40 °C
  • Easily stowable deployment handle
  • Proven Snowpulse airbag technology

This item does not come with a 300 bar European cylinder which can be used in all Mammut RAS system, and all system 2 Snowpulse bags, the cylinder is not refillable, but exchanable for a small charge.

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