Mammut Snowpulse Carbon Cylinder 300 bar

Mammut Snowpulse Carbon Cylinder 300 bar

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Mammut and Snowpulse Carbon cylinder 300 bar for all Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags, Only 310g so a huge weight saving over the steel version.

The New Carbon cylinder has been long awaited and is only about half the weight of the steel cylinders and a lot lighter than the 207 alu cylinders.

This cylinder is compatible with all cylinder 2 versions of the Snowpulse Avalanche airbgags, Mammut RAS sytems and all new Mammut Snowpulse protection airbags. If your in doubt if your airbag is suitable please email or phone us and we will advise.


Item no. 2610-00870
Colour black
Unfilled weight in g 225.0
Filled weight in g 310.0
filling Nitrogen
Pressure in bar 300.0
Pressure in psi 4350.0
  • Extremely light carbon fiber cartridge
  • Around just 310 g (weight reduction of approximately 50%)
  • Carbon cartridge filled with nitrogen
  • Filling pressure controlled by weight
  • Compatible with the Removable Airbag System R.A.S. and Protection Airbag System as well as with Snowpulse® avalanche airbags from the winter season 2011-2012
  • And the new version 3.0 system for 2017

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