Ortovox ABS MASS Unit

Ortovox ABS MASS Unit

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Ortovox ABS MASS unit only, this is the Modular unit that goes in the Ortovox Freerider and Tour ABS bags, they come without cylinder, so please add either a steel or a carbon as required.

These units are only suitable for proper equipped backpacks such as the new Ortovox ABS bags, however we are sure that this range will expand in the future as it provides a high degree of flexibility to the ABS system, something you don't really get with the ABS Vario setup. Instructions to fit to the bag are supplied with the packs and MASS units, however there is a quick reference below:


Fitting ABS MASS unit to the Ortovox back packs.

1. Thread the release tube (with grip plate) from the ABS compartment THROUGH the SHOULDER STRAPS and fasten grip on the strap at the desired height.

2. CONNECT four red HALF-MOON HOOKS of the M.a.s.s. unit to the four red LOOPS.


4. close ZIPPER COVER and smooth all VELCRO® areas.


The MASS unit comes with its own carry case but not a cylinder please see the bottom of the page for cylinder options, please remember only ABS cylinders should be used, other cylinders are not suitable.

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