Ortovox Merino Competition Long Sleeve Zip Neck Men

Ortovox Merino Competition Long Sleeve Zip Neck Men

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Merino Competition - Long Sleeve zip neck Men overview

In our view one of the best base layers that is available on the market today

Merino Competition Sport requires individuality. In order to trigger maximum performance in each muscle group a variety of stimuli are needed. Every body part reacts differently. Some areas are more likely to feel cold, others sweat easily, some demand agility, others need to show stability.

Merino competition is as individual as a second skin. The garment, weighing only 190 grammes, incorporates a highly breathable mesh design around our bodys' so called Heat Spot areas. The more cold sensitive areas are trengthened with insulating Merino 240 material. These are the areas which, especially in winter need to be kept warm in order to avoid a drop in performance. Maximum elasticity and robustness require long lasting materials.

ORTOVOX uses a process that weaves the garment in a ripple like structure, similar to the way the bark of a tree would form, guaranteeing durability. Circular knitting technology is applied in the production of all competition garments which means there are no annoying or rubbing seams (except the sleeves are sewn on). Merino Competition is the winner of the well sought after European Ski Award and the OutDoor Industry Award. Two independent juries agreed in all design-, quality- and function wise aspects

The men's range offer a long sleeve with zip and long pants, all in sporty and muted colours.

100% perfect fit

100% functionality

100% competition

Naturally Merino

Clothing can restrict the skins natural properties but can also support them and thus aid comfort, especially when physically active. Thanks to 12 years experience with this outstanding natural product we can now introduce the next ORTOVOX MERINO generation providing an all-time comfort experience.

A new manufacturing process creates a more uniform fibre alignment. Until now even the finest merino wool showed a high percentage of thick fibres. The thicker the fibre the more scratchy the product.

When producing ORTOVOX MERINO, thick fibres are now being picked out even more efficiently, creating a silky soft fabric.

Feel the benefits of Merino wool:

- keeps you warm

- keeps you cool

- keeps you dry

- does not smell

- easy to care for

- increased comfort


Black,   Blue Green

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