Ortovox Merino Ultra 260 Women


Ortovox Merino Ultra 260 Women

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Ortovox Merino 260 Ultra Women the new merino fabric with a nylon thread cord, even higher performance than pure merino, this new fabric has nylon at the core of the merino wool, making it more comfortable, stronger and more durable, plus dries much faster than pure merino. In fact this new fabric is maybe the best mid and base layer that Ortovox have produced.

This is what Ortovox have to say about this product:

Two layers in one with unbeatable wool functionality

We work with nature’s most functional fibers and make them even better. A NYLON THREAD IN THE INTERIOR of the yarn allows us to take merino wool to an even higher level of performance. Through this INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESS, the wool becomes MORE COMFORTABLE, ELASTIC, DURABLE and DRIES MORE QUICKLY. With the ULTRA 260 NET, we have combined a finely-woven outer shell with a LARGE-MESH WOOL NETTING INNER, thereby creating a completely new microclimate and wear comfort. The woven wool netting creates air chambers that store A LOT OF WARMTH, although the MERINO ULTRA 260 NET is light and thin. Thanks to its TWO-LAYER CONSTRUCTION, the first and the second layers are combined to make a single product.

Thanks to the two-layered design of the 260 MERINO ULTRA NET LONG SLEEVE you no longer have to decide what to wear as your first and second layers. The high proportion of merino wool ensures the perfect temperature level and the construction of the long-armed shirt provides unprecedented wear comfort. By the way, the merino wool comes exclusively from our Tasmanian sheep farms. Thanks to the deep-cut zip opening, you can adjust your ventilation to suit your needs. For cold days on the mountain, when you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and functionality.

Incidentally, 100% of the merino wool from this collection comes from the Australian island of Tasmania. The wool from this natural paradise is high-quality, thin (18 microns), and tear-resistant. But just as important for ORTOVOX, the material is ethically and ecologically sound. We have very high expectations for the farmers. A large portion of their working time is committed to ensuring sustainable farm management and animal welfare.


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