Arva Neo Avalanche Transceiver

Arva Neo Avalanche Transceiver

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Arva Neo Avalanche Transceiver new for this season, incredible range easy to use and the price well WOW,

Arva is new for Snowshepherd, we tested their other transceivers last season and to be far while they are not bad transceivers we did not like a few of their features and we never sell what we would not use ourselves.

The Arva Neo Transceiver is a totally different animal though, we really like it, its easy to use, has multiple burial feature, a large easy to read screen, has a connection like the older Ortovox transceivers so if your wearing it, it is impossible not to have it switched on.

In addition Arva had done something very special with the 3 antenna's unlike others it uses 2 of these to search with all the time, therefore it has a massif 70m initial range and also a 60m search width.

Other features are that it lists the distance to multiple victims something other transceivers do but not at this price point, when we were asked how much we thought it would be, we siad similar to the new Tracker 3 at well over £300 but no the Arva Neo will be one of the cheapest transceivers on the market, and certainly the best value for the amount of tech packed into this little box. Oh and it also comes with a really good carry case as standard.



457 kHz International Frequency

3 Antennas

Multiple Victim List

100% Digital

User Freindly

MArker function for multiple victims

Multiple Victims icon 1 2 3 4 and +

Auto switch back to transmit mode on timer

Bright Screen Technology

Battery Life 250 hours transmit

Power 3 x AAA


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