Movement Icon 95

Movement Icon 95


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Movement Icon 95 underfoot new skis for this season following on from the best selling Chill Out and Movement Source

Movement have had a ski of this design for a few years now, the Icon takes it to the next level, with a better profile tip rocker and a small tail rocker, while these rockers are no way a radical rocker they do greatly help the ski in off piste conditions and do not affect its piste abilities. The great thing is this a true all mountain ski, suitable for tele as well, and at only 1.65kg in the 175 length a good touring setup as well.

Movement say this ski has a very tight turning radius at 14m for the 175 and only 15m for the 182, this needs to be put into perspective as they do handle different off piste in deeper snow conditions, with a bigger turn radius and the ability to make larger GS style powder turns. When you get into a tight spot in restricted turning areas this smaller radius is a great help, we find this to with the super good Whitedot Preachers a bigger ski but with a similar turn radius.

So if your looking for a ski that can handle the whole mountain, go off piste or on, plus give you the turning aspect you need in the trees then the new Icon is a good choice.


As with many new skis they tend to sell out pretty quick so would recommend getting order or ore orders in quick.



Length, 168, 175, 182

Weight 1.55kg, 1.65kg, 1.75kg

turn radius 13.5m, 14m, 15m

CTS light construction

EPL Popular wood core

Dynamic tri-axial fibre wrap

2mm edge

Ptex 4000

Va Tech rubber plate inside  the tip to reduce vibrations.


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