Arva Snow Eco Shovel

Arva Snow Eco Shovel

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Arva Snow Eco aluminium avalanche shovel, nice light eco shovel only 440g really nice little shovel at a very good price point these are OK for lots of people when you need a shovel only for emergency use, not the sort of shovel for a seasonnaire who is building kickers every other day or trying to clear the chalet drive, but all in all for the price pretty good.

Handle material Alu
  Weight (in grams +/- 3%) 440
  Blade material Alu anodized, 1.5mm thickness
  Sleeve length (cm) 43
  Blade Size (cm) 24.5 x 30
  Length (cm) 63.5
  ISMF certification NO
  New alu insert NO
  Automatic push pin NO


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