Ortovox F1 Focus Transceiver

Ortovox F1 Focus Transceiver

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The Ortovox F1 Focus Avalanche Transceiver is the most widely sold avalanche transceiver worldwide and is a long-standing favourite with professionals

The analogue technique of the Ortovox F1 focus avalanche transceiver is completed by a visual search indicator. If you put on the f1 with its lightweight one belt system, the device is automatically switched on. There is only one rotary switch for switch-over from transmit to receive mode

Under ideal conditions the Ortovox F1 can achieve a range of about 80 m. Thus the search path can be shortened and you get faster to the buried person. The number of beeps indicate at the same time if you have to face a multiple burial situation. The visual search indicator shaped in an LED arrow doesn't only show the right way, but also when you have to turn the volume control switch for adjusting the receiver sensitivity.

In case of several buried persons the volume control switch serves to isolate the signals and to ensure an easy and safe search. If you have several searchers, an earphone is highly recommended. The earphone plug-in is located in the waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomic casing. In case of a second avalanche you can use the express emergency switch-over from receive to transmit mode

The waterproof, shock-resistant and ergonomic casing has an earphone connection socket. The f1 surpasses the demands of the European standard 300.

ORTOVOX recommends regular training to get familiar with the avalanche transceiver. We also strongly recommend that a transceiver must always be accompanied by a shovel and a probe.

Who should be using?

Firstly we are sure here at SnowShepherd that transceivers really are an essential piece of kit for all Skiers and Boarders who are venturing even a few meters from the piste.

With modern skis and boards, dare we say it but it’s too easy to go off piste!! The temptation of all that lovely soft stuff! If you have ever thought “maybe I should have a transceiver” then there is no excuse GET ONE.

The common saying “there is no such thing as a little off piste” is, in our experience very true, having seen and narrowly missed numerous slides over the last few years just meters from the piste.

The Ortovox F1 is very widely used by recreational and more extreme mountain sports enthusiasts as it is a simple reasonably priced transceiver, with a very good initial search range .

However the Ortovox F1 is more difficult to use than the newer digital transceivers and needs regular practice to get the range and final search modes perfected. Ideal if you are prepared to practise and go on the Avi course otherwise go for the easier to use newer digital models.



Direct signal Visual display of signal strength

Manual volume control

Extras: Automatically switched on when worn

Proven one belt system

Unrivalled battery power

Technical data:

Receiving analogue Range: 80 m

Search strip width: 40m

The Ortovox F1 uses 2 easily available AA batteries

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