Kinco Black Leather Ski Gloves 900MAX

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Kinco Leather Ski gloves in black pigskin, the same glove as the classic Kinco 901 with added skiing features, these cold weather gloves are a great addition to the Kinco range, they follow on from the classic 901 leather ski gloves, however they have a full leather not suede back and palm area and share the same palm reinforement in split pigskin.

FREE NIKWAX LEATHER PROOF WITH ALL KINCO GLOVES, 2 x sachets enough for 2 treatments.

In addition there is a small carabiner included just to hold the gloves together and the added feature of a wrist leash so you don't drop them off the lift.

They are just as durable as the classic 901 and come pre treated with waterproofer as well, the black colour has been asked for for quite a while, one of the reasons we did our own Snowshepherd Black Sheep version.

The only feature we don't really like is the rubber goggle wiper, please don't use this on the new style goggles on the market as they will scratch the **** out of them you have been warned!

Other information as per the classic 901 gloves: except the sizes are different! There is no small size currently and the medium is slightly smaller than the classic 901 size.

Medium = Euro size 7 to size 8

Large = Euro 9 and 10

XL = Euro 11 (on very large hands 11 and over please contact us with your hand measurements so we can advise.

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We will ship upto two pairs of gloves to any EU country for £4.99 UK delivery charge inc highlands and Islands is only £3.99 please select the correct option on checkout

Notes on the leather, when you first get your gloves they will feel a little tough, this goes with use, the gloves being 100% natural leather will take up the shape of your hand and soften with use plus streatch a little. The pre treatment with ReviveX® will last for a while, however we recommend topping this up with further Nikwax gloveproof treatments to keep the glove waterproof.


Also as with our French Venitex Leather Ski worker gloves, the Kinco gloves are a work glove style so please remember they are not like a £100 ski glove, but we are pretty sure they will out last any other ski glove and for the price that is probabley why so many skiers in the US use them.


To back this up Snowshepherd are offering a no quibble 1 year warranty on these Kinco gloves, if you wear them out, we will replace them with a new pair. (but please do not set fire to them, we will not count that)

PS Note on the prices when compared with the US, please remember we have to ship them from the States and pay a sports goods import duty on them.

For trade enquires please contact us, we distribute these gloves to other retailers plus offer some great deals to resort workers etc.


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