Avalanche and Off Piste Awareness DVD

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Avalanche and Off piste Awareness DVD When the Mountain Bites Back by Henry Schniewind. Many thanks to Henry for letting us sell his DVD on Avalanches and Off Piste awareness, Henrys talks on avalanches are legendary in the French Alps, Henry has been running talks and presentations and training in the Alps for many years and is the foremost authority on avalanche awareness, so much so that the he has been invited by the French National Avalanche Association to present at seminars which is a rare accolade for an American.


This first part of the Avalanche & Off Piste Awareness series shows snow sports enthusiasts how to enjoy the mountains in winter and understanding the dangers and how they maybe avoided. It covers avalanche safety gear and mountain search and rescue.

Filmed in the French Alps but also includes sensational avalanche and mountain footage. Just 35mins run time but non stop all the way through, and full of useful information. Presenter Matt Chilton well know for his TV work on Eurosport and Ski Sunday has skied with Henry for many years and really does a great job in presenting this DVD. As with all DVDs and Books on the subject of avalanches, they are not a subsitute for real snow training and we would highly recommend contacting Henry so that you can attend one of his sessions. www.henrysavalanchetalk.com


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