BCA Tracker 2 Shovel and Probe Package

BCA Tracker 2 Shovel and Probe Package

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BCA Tracker 2 Package with Ortovox Beast Shovel and the 240 pfa probe. The Best way to buy the combination and save some extra money.

This item now comes with the BCA Shovel and Probe

BCA Tracker 2

The BCA Tracker 2 avalanche transceiver, is one of the easiest and fastest avalanche transceivers on the market, because of its rapid processor and simple user interface.

A real–time, digital display shows both direction and distance with bright red LEDs (light emitting diodes). The distance is shown in meters and indicator lights display the direction of transmitting beacons.

Triple antennae with real time display makes the BCA Tracker 2 easy to use. The search to transmit switch is very easy to use even with gloves on and is 18% lighter than the Tracker DTS and 12% smaller. Tests show that the BCA Tracker 2 has a longer range than the Tracker DTS and it resolves spikes flawlessly

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BCA Tracker 2
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Ortovox Beast Avalanche Shovel
1 piece(s)
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Ortovox 240 PFA Avalanche Probe
1 piece(s)
£54.95 / 1 piece(s) *

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