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Snowpulse replacement cylinder or a spare to take with you, full details of the Snowpulse cylinders are listed below.Please specify which Snowpulse bag you have. This cylinder with gauge is the cylinder 1 from Snowpulse.

If you are flying with an extra cylinder please make sure it is packed inside the airbag, with the primary cylinder disconnected and with the the yellow seals in place.

Flying with your Snowpulse bag in the hold luggage is allowed but only 1 filled cylinder, more details below and if you need any further advice email or phone.

As a quick reference, Flying with a Snowpulse airbag, you must inform the airline at least 2 weeks prior to flying, print off two copies of the IATA regs. put one copy with the Snowpulse airbag and keep the other copy on you. It is quite normal even after booking your airbag onto the flight to have a call from out size luggage, therefore please allow extra time when checking in.


We have found that most airlines are now aware of Avalanche rescue backpacks, however some questions still arise with security at airports.


Snowshepherd and others have a self help group on Flying with airbags on the web site. This has some really good info and is probabley the best airline guide that is available. LINK

This is the European cylinder if you require the US version, which is different then, please contact us via email and we can supply.

1. Cylinder provided with Snowpulse “Life Bag and Pro Riders” Snowpulse products are available with two different cylinders:

• A cylinder for Europe, having a work pressure of 300 bar (=4350 PSI) and a volume of 0.25 L. This one is authorised only in Europe (in accordance to ADR legislation) and has the Pi marking (evidence that the cylinder is certified for Europe).This refers to manufacture, it is OK to fly and use the European cylinder in other countries, for example USA and Canada.

• A cylinder for other countries and provided with any bag sold in America. This cylinder has a work pressure of 207 bar (=3000PSI) and a volume of 0.36 L. This cylinder has also the Transport Canada (TC), Department of Transport (DOT), and Pi marking which means that this cylinder is allowed on USA + Canada + Europe Territory.

2. Working pressure

The working  pressure of your cartridge is marked on it.

The Snowpulse “Bags” are designed to work at temperatures between -30 C and + 50C. The pressure gauge on the top of the cylinder allows you to simply and continuously monitor the cylinder pressure. To function properly the cylinder is designed to be filled at 20°C (= 68°F), at which point the gauge needle should be in the “green” zone. At very cold temperatures the pressure needle will remain in the “blue” zone, and at high temperatures within the “red” zone, A cylinder with a pressure of 3’000 PSI (American Cylinder) or 300 bar (European Cylinder) at a temperature of 20°C will ensure proper inflation of the airbag for temperature range of -30°C +50°C.

A pressure below at 20°C will result in incomplete inflation of the airbag and will not provide the user any protection. Variations in temperature will change the pressure of the cylinder. At cold temperatures, it’s normal that the gauge needle is in the blue area indicating a pressure lower than that checked at 20°C. This does not alter the function of the airbag. Do not use if the pressure is over 3100 PSI (American Cylinder) or 310 BAR (European Cylinder) at 20°C as it could damage the system and injure the user.

3. Cylinder Exchange/Refill (Also See refill product page)

After your Bag has been deployed the cylinder will need to be refilled. You can have your cylinder refilled or exchanged for a full one at several Snowpulse retailers and at specific dive shops throughout North America. Only individuals/shops that have gone through the training with a Snowpulse representative are authorised to refill the Snowpulse cylinders. The training is available to all organisations, as well as individual customers. Once the training is completed the user will require a source of dry compressed air (compressor or scuba tank) and specific attachments to refill the Snowpulse cylinders. The refill of the cartridge can be a real added value for ski chalets or clubs as it allows them to train their teams or their customers on a regular basis without expensive costs.

4. Cylinder transport

For any shipment, the 2 yellow thread protectors must be in place. The cylinder must always be shipped within the Snowpulse pack or in its original packaging. Air transport according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA)

• Transport of a Snowpulse airbag with a European (300 bar) cylinder under pressure is allowed for private purpose but it is required that you declare the «Life Bag» before check in. (norm OACI under the description of « Avalanche Rescue Backpack » reference: IATADGR. Table. 2.3. A).

Air transport of the European cylinder is allowed within the IATA worldwide regulations, however you should follow the regulation of your country; the European cylinder is for example only allowed in Canada or the USA if you are travelling from Europe.

Following status of the regulation in 2008, the “Life Bag” with a full European cylinder is accepted for air transport in all of Europe • Transport of a Snowpulse airbag with an American (3000 PSI) cylinder under pressure is regulated and is allowed only for transport linked to rescue missions (and that for any country).

Only in Canada the transportation of a Snowpulse «Life Bag» with the American Cartridge is allowed for air transportation as the system is classify as UN2990 LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES, SELFINFLATING. This includes heli-skiing activities. In all cases it is always possible to empty the cylinder by triggering the airbag. Never try to empty a cylinder by any other means than deploying the «Life Bag» using the trigger handle. Transport of an empty cylinder is not regulated.

5. Cylinder shipment

Freight companies must be made aware of the content of your shipment. It is your responsibility to respect the regulations within your country. In most cases it is required that if you are shipping a full cylinder it must properly labelled as a dangerous good.

Below is a list of information which your carrier may require.

Snowpulse cylinders are a dangerous good according to the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). ONU official number : UN 1002 Official designation : Compressed air, 2, Official label : 2.2 Classification : 2 Small quantity notification : Exemption : Transport not Over passing free limits described in chapter".

Price, this price includes shipping to UK mainland by special carrier if you require an extra cylinder with an airbag please call us


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