Mammut Cylinder 2

Mammut Cylinder 2

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Mammut Cylinder, supplied as standard from 2011 2012 range of Snowpulse and Mammut avalanche airbags, These new cylinders are filled with Nitrogen and are only refillable by Mammut, we will exchange used cylinders, please contact us for more information.

Refilling of existing cylinders is not affected and can be purchased via our web site here.

The benefits of this new cylinder are:

Lighter weight only 500g (full)

Easier to fit

Fully compatible with all Mammut Protection and RAS bags

Easier shipping Cheaper!

Flying with an Avalanche Rescue Backpack

Mammut replacement cylinder or a spare to take with you, full details of the Mammut  cylinders are listed below.

If you are flying with an extra cylinder please make sure it is packed inside the airbag, with the primary cylinder disconnected and with the the yellow seals in place. Flying within Europe with your Mammut bag in the hold luggage is allowed, more details below and if you need any further advice email or phone.

As a quick reference, Flying with a Snowpulse airbag, you must inform the airline at least 2 weeks prior to flying, print off two copies of the IATA regs. put one copy with the Snowpulse airbag and keep the other copy on you.

It is quite normal even after booking your airbag onto the flight to have a call from out size luggage, therefore please allow extra time when checking in.


We have found that most airlines are now aware of Avalanche rescue backpacks, however some questions still arise with security at airports.


Snowshepherd and others have a self help group on Flying with airbags on the web site. This has some really good info and is probably the best airline guide that is available. LINK


This is the European cylinder if you require the US version, which is different then, please contact us via email and we can supply.

Price, this price includes shipping to UK mainland by special carrier if you require an extra cylinder with an airbag please call us we can save you money on the shipping charge

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