Venitex Leather Ski Gloves size 10 and Nikwax Glove proof

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Venitex Leather ski Gloves with Nikwax Glove proof 125ml waterproofing for leather great combination item, About the Gloves


For a few years now these gloves have been a preserve of the French locals, we first came across them when skiing with a local guide in France and asked about his rather odd looking gloves. He told us that they were gardening gloves and you could get them in Bourg for about 15 euro, if you knew where to look.

Three seasons ago we found some and Brandon Snow Shepherd has used his just about everyday for the last few seasons and they are still going strong.

After some research we found who makes them and which glove they actually are from Venitex’s massive range. We are, I think, the only UK retailer who has them.

The leather ski worker glove, stands up to more abuse than a normal ski glove as they are made from full grain hide leather, they are very strong, probably the reason so many guides and instructors use them. In addition the price is so good, even if you managed to wear them out they are pretty cheap to replace.


The other huge plus point of these leather gloves is that the lining does not come out when you take your gloves off, and being 100% natural leather they are really breathable and keep your hands nice and warm.


We use Nikwax to treat our gloves.

Nikwax Leather ski glove waterproofing can also be used on other fabrics, great for our Venitex leather ski worker gloves. 125ml water based sponge on solution, we found that this glove proof Nikwax product was good for our leather ski gloves. Appy a good first coat, let it soak in and dry overnight, then top up as necessary. We found that by working this leather ski glove proofing system into the seams it really did keep the dampness out.


Full Details:

Venitex Full Cowhide Cold Resistant Gloves.

Acrylic sheep wool lining.

Elasticated cuff.

Clip Fasteners.

Length 30cm (plenty long enough to stay under ski jackets)

Natural Leather Colour (tan/yellow to start with but they get darker with age)

CE Marked, EN420, EN388 EN511

Size 8 Medium 

Size 10 Large

The leather is a full grain leather not the usual split leather that gloves use so they are thick and very soft. The only thing you will need to do is to treat the leather to make them fully waterproof , we use off the shelf leather conditioner, Dubbin or do what the French do and use Vasaline!

With our first delivery we have found that the following information my be useful:

The gloves are packed in bulk flat, so the pre shaped fingers appear to have been lost, however we treated a pair with a good amount of leather conditioner and left over night to dry standing on the fingers, in the morning the shape had returned and the conditioner had really done its job with the leather feeling even softer.

With natural leather, as is always the case, the leather will have pattern and colour variations, this is quite normal for this type of leather. We found that the leather conditioner treatment gave a more consistent colour and look to the leather. Plus deepened the colour a little, we would say test a small area first before you treat your new gloves.


If you want to order these gloves and you are in an EU country please select the UK mainland shipping option, we can ship to the whole of the EU for the £3.99 delivery charge. Max of two pairs at this price.

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