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Stephen Hawkins
19/01/2014 12:55
Review of the Kinco Pro 2051 cold weather glove

About Me. Keen Skier and bike rider, MTB and Road. Owner of 2 pairs of Kinco leather Ski gloves which I have worn for 2 seasons on and off piste, and as winch gloves when offroading the landrover and for welding

Gloves are size Large

Fist impressions . Military tough looking. Nice and subtle compared to the yellow beasties. Kinco branding and white stiching plus red 2051 logo are visible but restrained. I like the look

Very easy to pull on thanks to soft cuff and pull loop. They are quite stretchy. Very soft feel inside with no noticeable seams or rub points. Wrist closure can be done up snugly, but also can be fixed down while still at biggest opening (how I shall use them) so it wont flap but still doesn't restrict access.

Finger length is spot on, not too long and not too short. Fingers ends are squared so roomy. no pressure on nails or finger ends while in use like other brands. The backs are soft and the palm covering flexible but looks durable, it is cut out at the internal flex points so first impressions are easy to move fingers. These needed 10 mins to break in rather than the several days of the yellow leather ones

I went out for a road cycle for 3 hours this morning. It wasn't wet so I wasn't able to test the waterproofing, but it was 6C so pretty cold. I am a Castelli fan and I would normally have used the Rosso Corsa gloves today, it not being cold enough for the Extremos. The gloves were an easy and comfortable fit on the handlebars. They flex well and did not restrict grip of the levers in either hood or dip position. At first the back of the first 2 fingers stood a little proud and caught the back of the Sram Red levers when you put fingers on bars under the levers, but this was cos they were new, they flattened after 10 mins and this wasn't an issue afterwards.

In fact they were very comfy indeed. They don't have bike specific padding but what they do have is just right and I had no issues. there is a small radial nerve pad which did its job. Warmth wise they were nice and toasty for today. In fact probably a little too warm. I would say warmth wise they sit between the Rosso and Extremo Castelli gloves. These would be great around freezing. They are not as warm (or as thick) as the yellow leather gloves.

Breathing wise they seem good. Hands got a little sweaty when I was pushing on in latter part of ride, probably not as good a breather as the leather gloves, but these are waterproof and have a membrane whereas the yellow leather ones don't. But these are lovely and thin and flexible compared to the leather gloves. Lining is stitched in and didn't invert when removing hands even when sweaty

In short these are an excellent cold weather and I would imagine wet weather glove. Those who don't feel the cold like me will find these very warm on days above freezing. Those that suffer from cold hands will love them for much of the non summer season. Despite the insulation they are thin and flexible and very comfortable. I can see these getting a lot of time on the road bike, even more on the mountain bike

I'm off in 2 weeks time for skiing they will be coming along for that as although I love the yellow leather ones, they are often 2 warm and a bit thick. These will be perfect ski gloves especially in spring/wet conditions and wont need the ton of Grangers glove balm that the old ones need to stay dry and soft. I will report how they do


14/02/2013 12:55
If you are considering buying an airbag system, do it from Snowshepherd.

Knowledge and advice both pre- and post- purchase second to none, and invaluable with advice re airlines/USA regulations etc, as well as exchange of cannisters.

Keep p the good work Tim,

best wishes

James Henderson

Jamie Sala Scott
09/12/2012 21:02
Hi Tim,

Just wanted to get in touch and thank you for the excellent service you provided me. For those reading this, I called Tim asking him how quickly could he deliver the kit I was after as I needed it within 3/4 days at the latest... it all arrived within 24 hours of me placing the order, all of which he arranged from Tignes!

Thanks again, the kit is perfect and you were a pleasure to deal with.
No doubt I'll be back.
Jamie Scott
Mark Banham
12/01/2012 12:55
Good Morning,
Just received my gloves this morning, Really please.

Mark Banham.
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